Disinfo: UK rejects 5G because of coronavirus


The UK rejects entire 5G. Huawei won’t be building technology necessary for 5th generation mobile network because of coronavirus. Borris Johnson stated that the decision followed an unclear and nontransparent situation over coronavirus.


Recurring conspiracy theory on coronavirus and 5G.

The UK did not reject the 5G project in its entirety. The discussion is about whether the UK should ban Huawei as 5G vendor because of security concerns, not because of coronavirus. In January, the UK government approved a limited role for Huawei in building the country's new data networks. On top, the UK Government has strongly condemned the rumours about 5G and coronavirus as dangerous nonsense.

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  • Reported in: Issue 195
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 25/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: Georgian
  • Country: UK
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Conspiracy theory


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‘Miracle of miracles’: children do not get ill and do not die from coronavirus

This virus is a miracle of miracles. Children do not die, do not get ill, do not end up in intensive care. This is confirmed by American statistics, according to which people under 20 years old do not get hospitalised.


Disinformation about the coronavirus, which creates a potentially harmful illusion that people under 20 years old do not get affected, at least not severely, by COVID-19.

Even though it is true that infections in individuals under the age of 19 tend to be mild, a report published by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention on 6 April 2020 states that severe outcomes have also been reported in children, including three deaths. Even in Russia, a report published by Russian Pediatricians Union on 16 April 2020 cites that as of April 12, 10 children were hospitalised with severe respiratory infection from COVID-19. For more information, read further debunking on Polygraph.

The global elites want to reduce the excessive numbers of useless eaters

The dark intimations that in “elite” circles there may be an intense interest in reducing the excessive number of useless eaters to a smaller and more docile cohort of helot-like servants are not without empirical basis.


An unfounded conspiracy theory, sharing a recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about "secret elites" controlling world leaders.

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There is a secret American biological laboratory in Moldova

There is a secret American biological laboratory in Moldova. This lab is working on the development of infectious disease strains. This is the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) which works in Moldova in collaboration with the local Academy of Sciences. The threat is more than significant, given the global COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus itself could be created by humans and used as a biological weapon.


Conspiracy theory about the coronavirus pandemic. There is no laboratory in the Republic of Moldova that prepares biological weapons.

This claim has already been debunked in the past. Thus, the Ministry of Defence from Moldova stated last year to Stopfals.md that “the Republic of Moldova does not produce/ test any biological weapons/ viruses and does not in any way support any state, group of states or international organisations to manufacture or acquire any of the above-mentioned agencies/toxins."