Disinfo: UK and US only saw Hitler as the enemy of the USSR


England, the United States of America, and other imperial powers saw Hitler as the main adversary against the Soviet Union.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative distorting the events of the Second World War.

The UK and the United States were also against Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and chose to retaliate against the Third Reich. The UK declared war on the Nazi regime as a result of German refusal to remove troops from neutral Belgium. Prior to the German invasion, the United Kingdom had signed the Treaty of London (1839) which guaranteed British and French defence of Belgium sovereignty.

And in 1941, Germany declared war on the United States, bringing America, which had been neutral, into the European conflict, in a response to what was claimed to be a series of provocations by Washington, which followed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States declaration of war against the Japanese Empire.

Furthermore, the European Parliament stresses the fact that WWII was an immediate result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, where Hitler and Stalin agreed to divide Poland. Just a week after the signing of the Pact, the German attack on Poland started World War II. Two weeks later, Soviet troops entered Polish territory. Read similar cases about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact here, here, here, here and here.

Read other cases alleging that Allied Forces were close to Hitler: Europe signed alliances with Hitler but speaks only about Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and UK and France allowed Hitler to revive a strong army.


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Monuments to Soviet soldiers are massively demolished and damaged in Ukraine, Poland and Baltic countries

Neo-Nazism is becoming more popular in Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries. As a consequence, monuments of the Red Army soldiers, who once defeated fascism, are being massively demolished there.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative casting Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States as Nazi countries paying no respect to the history of WWII and its heroes.

It's true that more than 2,500 monuments to the leaders of the communist totalitarian regime were dismantled in Ukraine alone during the decommunisation process. However, the vast majority of these were monuments to Lenin. Ukrainian laws that control the decommunisation process, actually provide for the protection and preservation of monuments and commemorative signs which are dedicated to the participants and victims of World War II 1939-1945.

Mainstream media cover the coronavirus outbreak in an apocalyptic way to defame China

The apocalyptic coverage of the 2019-nCoV (corona virus) outbreak in China demonstrates how mainstream media outlets and social media platforms shape the audience’s perception of reality. While the Chinese government appears to be employing needed measures to contain the outbreak and prevent the virus spread, the MSM [mainstream media] uses this measures to feed the audience with speculations that this is a signal of the Chinese inability to keep the situation under control.


And unfounded claim, bordering on conspiracy theory. The outlet uses random quotes from social media to build an argument that "mainstream media" cover the coronavirus outbreak in an exaggerated way. See here for other cases related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Soros invests in schools to destroy the national spirit

With the help of his foundation, Soros invests in schools, in order to destroy the national spirit. Without a nationalistic feeling, we will no longer be able to speak about nations, but only about individuals.


A conspiracy theory, consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives portraying George Soros and his foundation as villains bent on destroying the national spirit around the world and threatening national values.

Indeed, recently George Soros announced that he is creating a new university network to better prepare students for current and future global challenges. He is endowing the network with one billion dollars ($1 billion) and asking other philanthropists to contribute. The Open Society University Network (OSUN) will integrate teaching and research across higher education institutions worldwide. The network aims to reach the students who need it the most and to promote the values of an open society - including free expression and diversity of beliefs.