Disinfo: Ukraine adopted law on consent in sexual relations for the sake of EU and NATO accession


Ukraine acceded the EU in the sexual sense of this word. The law on sexual consent was adopted, not for the sake of Ukrainian people, but for the EU accession. It is a signal to the EU: “we do this the same way you do”. It is also a part of transition to NATO standards, because EU accession must follow the accession to NATO. This law is a demonstration of the signal: “we are the same like you”. This law is culturally alien to Ukraine – it is not Sweden. Ukraine has one of the lowest birth rates and this new regulation will make the situation worse.


Ukrainian legislators put sex above the faith in God.


Ukraine has amended the criminal code in connection with the ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. The law implements the provisions of the Istanbul Conventiona into national legislation, improving legal capabilities of Ukraine to combat violence against women and strengthening laws against sexual and gender-based violence. Read more

The Convention is a document initiated by the Council of Europe and is neither a part of EU accession process nor a step to NATO membership. See more on EU-Ukraine relations here.


  • Reported in: Issue 132
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 11/01/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: EU, EU/NATO enlargement, European values, NATO
  • Outlet: 60 Minut @ Rossiya 1
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A political party in Estonia wants to liquidate the Russian community

The political agenda of one of the Estonian parties says that, in principle, it is necessary to liquidate the Russian community in Estonia.



Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the Russophobia of the Baltic States. For other examples see here and here.

According to the program of the party Eesti 200: "All Estonian children should go to the unified Estonian school irrespective of their mother tongue. The lessons in the Estonian school will be conducted in Estonian, but children with other mother tongue have a possibility to study and develop their mother tongue." There is no sign of liquidation of Russian community or Russians in the program.

The Western World and America are using the Church in hybrid warfare against Russia

The Western World and America are using the Church in hybrid warfare against Russia. Orthodox unity is something that the post-Soviet countries have in common. It is the last spiritual pillar of the nations since the Soviet times. That is why Istanbul gave Ukraine the kind of autocephaly that traps it within its own borders. Because nationalists are the main force against the powerful Soviet internationalism that the Americans and later Europeans copied with their European Union.

Now the attempts are made to disrupt the renaissance of unity through nostalgia for USSR. The issue of the church is not the project of President Poroshenko, but it’s conducted on a higher level. After he loses the election Poroshenko will leave to Spain with his billions.



Recurring pro-Kremlin conspiracy on Western involvement in the autocephaly of  the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

For more information on the tomos of the autocephaly see here.


The Western partners turned Ukraine into a big waste dump

The Western partners turned Ukraine into a big waste dump [reference to ships that Ukraine received from “transatlantic friends”].

Ukraine has long ago abandoned its pride, just like its independence, and all cooperation with the West concludes with implementing political orders by the masters. Which, for their part, have turned Ukraine into an asylum for junk.



Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation undermining the Ukrainian statehood, denigrating Ukraine's army and the West abandoning Ukraine.

Ukraine is recognised in international law as a sovereign nation state, with its own flag, nationality, language etc. UNGA Resolution 68/262 also affirmed the General Assembly's commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders: http://bit.ly/1RZGnjo.