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Ukraine and Belarus will avoid sliding into Nazism only if they become parts of Russia

Summary of Disinformation

Ukrainian authorities encourage a combination of Nazi uniforms and national embroidered clothes. In fact, when the issue of wearing national clothes is politicised, then the national clothes inevitably become equal to Nazism. Belarus follows the Ukrainian path with a 5-8 year delay. Only one scenario will prevent Ukraine and Belarus from sliding into Nazism through the politicisation of national clothes: if the two countries become a Russian western federal area without a right for self-determination.

IA REX, Oko Planet
IA REX, Oko Planet

This message is based on ungrounded claims concerning national clothes and Nazification and a ridiculous false dilemma about the direction of Ukraine's and Belarus's political development. It is consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about Ukraine and Nazism and is aimed at discrediting and undermining the Ukrainian and Belarusian statehoods.

There is no proof that either Ukrainian or Belarusian authorities encourage public presentation of the Nazi uniform or other Nazi symbols. Ukrainian and Belarusian legislation prohibit propaganda, public display and dissemination of Nazi symbols. Ukrainian law provides for up to five years of imprisonment for this crime, and the bill which is currently reviewed in the Belarusian parliament proposes to punish purposeful activities aimed at rehabilitation of Nazism with up to five year imprisonment too.

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Reported in: Issue 152
Date: 04.05.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Keywords: Ukrainian statehood
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: IA REX, Oko Planet
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