Disinfo: Ukraine can be removed from the Olympics


The national team of Ukraine in weightlifting can be removed from participation in the Olympic Games – 2020 in Tokyo because of three positive doping tests of representatives of the country.


The disinformation comes from Zvezda, the official channel of the Russian Ministry of Defence and a notorious disinformation channel. The article does note that also Russian weightlifters may be suspended. On the website of the International Federation of Weightlifting a list of athletes who were suspended from participation in competitions due to doping was published. It mentions two Ukrainian weightlifters, and it's not about the national team as a whole. www.iwf.net/anti-doping/sanctions/,


  • Reported in: Issue 115
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 30/06/2018
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: TV Zvezda, Olympics, Doping


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Deputy Interior Minister of Great Britain said that Russia is not involved in the incident in Amesbury

Britain has called Russia uninvolved in the incident with poisoning.


According to the preliminary version, which was voiced by the deputy head of the British Interior Ministry Ben Wallace, the poisoning was not a purposeful attempt . Wallace also added that most likely the two victims were poisoned by traces of Novichok, which stayed in Salisbury after the attempt on Sergei and Julia Skripals. Speaking to the House of Commons on July 5, the head of the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sajid Javid, said that "the world is looking at Russia " and called on Moscow "to explain the latest poisoning" by Novichok. Further debunking by Stopfake www.stopfake.org/fejk-zamglavy-mvd-velikobritanii-zayavil-chto-rossiya-neprichastna-k-intsidentu-v-ejmsberi/, On 4 July paramedics were called twice to a flat in Amesbury not far from Salisbury. Scientists at the UK's military research lab, Porton Down, found the couple had been exposed to the same nerve agent as the Skripals, Novichok. One of the victims passed away on 9 July.

A disabled immigrant from the Donbas was “torn apart” for speaking in Russian

In the village Buymer of the Trostyanets district of the Sumy region in Ukraine, local residents tore the mouth off a “disabled displaced person from Donbass” for speaking in Russian.


Recurring disinformation that it is dangerous to speak Russian in Ukraine, despite the lack of evidence. Witnesses, the police and the victim himself denied the reason for the incident as well as the severity of it. Further debunking by Stopfake www.stopfake.org/fejk-invalidu-pereselentsu-s-donbassa-porvali-rot-za-to-chto-razgovarival-na-russkom-yazyke/,