Disinfo: Ukraine creates a commission for the sale of Crimean lands


Ukrainian officials fantasise about the return of Crimea with the further intention of dividing it into parts. The return of Crimea to Ukraine is considered only from the point of view of commercial interests. The hatching and voicing of plans for the peninsula hides the usual sale of properties. Ukraine is creating a “commission of truth” for Crimea – this is just a scheme for the sale of Crimean objects and lands that will supposedly be freed from Russia someday – a message to businessmen that everything has become cheaper, we will sell anything.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the war in Ukraine and a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about illegal annexation of Crimea

This disinformation piece appeared in the Russian media after the permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, Anton Korynevych, told Ukrainian journalists about legislative developments regarding the de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea and Donbas.

In particular, Ukraine intends to introduce transitional justice in Crimea and Donbas - this is a process of establishing peace and democracy in the region. The concept is based on the principles of restoring justice after the end of the conflict. This model has nothing to do with the “sale of the Crimean land”. According to the representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea Korynevych, one of the main tasks of transitional justice is to bring the invaders and their accomplices to justice. At the same time, about 95% of the population will not face negative consequences from the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, Korynevych said.

Ukraine, developing the concept of transitional justice for the occupied lands, draws on international experience, improving on various models of transitional justice that have been used over the past decades by countries with military conflicts, Korynevych said. Transitional justice is based on four principles: bringing the perpetrators of the conflict to justice, establishing the truth, institutional reforms, and communicating the truth about armed conflict. Such models of justice have been used in Argentina, Chile, Liberia, Congo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other post-conflict countries. The concept of transitional justice is welcomed by the international community, as this model helps to restore the rule of law in countries with conflict.


  • Reported in: Issue 209
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/08/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: illegal annexation, War crimes, Occupation, War in Ukraine, Donbas, Crimea


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Tikhanovskaya is controlled by foreign puppeteers, primarily Lithuanian ones

Tikhanovskaya is not an independent person. In fact, she is controlled by foreign puppeteers, primarily Lithuanian ones. 


Recurring pro-Kremlin propaganda narratives about the alleged Western influence on Belarus. Consistent with the narrative that the West controls processes in Belarus and in fact, protesters and opposition leaders are puppets of the West.

Kremlin portrays Lithuania, together with Poland as the instigators of the protest in order to "destabilise post-Soviet space". Read similar disinformation case - In Belarus, Poland and Lithuania implement Washington's policy of destabilising the post-soviet region.

The “Solidarity” Movement did not overthrow “criminal Communism” in Poland

The main dogma of a historical narration imposed on the Poles since 1989 is the statement that the “Solidarity” overthrew “criminal Communism”. Although, this period of the Polish People’s Republic was neither criminal nor Communist.


This message is a pro-Communist case of historical revisionism, promoting the idea that by 1989, the political regime of the Communist-run Polish People’s Republic was not “Communist” and it was not involved in political crimes.

It is an indisputable historical fact that between 1945 and 1989, the Polish People’s Republic was a Communist state, which appeared under the direct military occupation of the USSR. Between December 1981 and July 1983, the Communist authorities of Poland introduced a harsh Martial Law aimed against the peaceful protest of the “Solidarity” Movement.
The authorities and special services of Communist Poland were involved in endless crimes against the Poles – this web page presents the overview of these political crimes committed by the Communist authorities.

Repressions, camps and no production – Kyiv shows what fate it has planned for Donbas

In the case of Donbas returning to its control, Kyiv plans not only to begin political repressions and mass incarceration of unwanted people in prisons but also to completely abandon the restoration of infrastructure and economy in the region. Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Serhiy Kryvonos stated this on-air for the Apostrophe TV channel.


This is a highly manipulative story, consistent with the Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the war in Ukraine and abandoning Donbas region.

The Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Serhiy Kryvonos did not say that Kyiv is planning to "to begin political repressions and mass incarceration of unwanted people” in the Donbas. He also did not say that the authorities are going to abandon the restoration of infrastructure and the economy in the region.