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Ukraine has the highest electricity prices in Europe

Summary of Disinformation

During the meeting of the Coordination Center for ensuring the introduction of a new electricity market in Kiev, the head of the National Commission regulating energy and utilities Dmitry Vovk said that electricity tariffs in Ukraine are the largest in Europe. “For a long time, for 25 years, there were very warm and paternal words about consumer protection. And now the tariffs for electricity in Ukraine are the largest in Europe,” Vovk said.


Mr Vovk actually said the opposite. “For years we’ve heard sweet words from our politicians about consumer protection – as a result, electricity prices in Ukraine are the lowest in Europe. Our task is to guarantee stability and quality of service.”
According to a comparative electricity cost analysis by the European Statistical Agency Eurostat, Ukraine is in last place in terms of electricity prices. Ukrainians pay five European cents for a kilowatt hour of energy; Germans on average pay nearly thirty cents, Belgians 31 cents. The average price for electricity in Europe amounts to 17.7 cents per kilowatt hour, considerably more than what Ukrainians pay. www.stopfake.org/en/fake-ukraine-has-the-highest-electricity-prices-in-europe/

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Reported in: Issue 81
Date: 15.09.2017
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, Ukraine
Keywords: Economic difficulties, Ukraine
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Ukraine.ru
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