DISINFO: Ukraine is not a failed state, Ukraine as state does not exist at all
  • Outlet: de.rt.com (archived)*
  • Date of publication: March 23, 2021
  • Article language(s): German
  • Reported in: Issue 238
  • Countries / regions discussed: Ukraine
Coup Ukrainian disintegration Nazi/Fascist Euromaidan

DISINFO: Ukraine is not a failed state, Ukraine as state does not exist at all


In order for this whole handling of a foreign country to function, a state "Ukraine" does not really have to exist. After the unconstitutional coup d'état in winter 2014, the organs of the increasingly dissolving state - such as the Verkhovna Rada - have already achieved many things that could greatly satisfy interested parties from abroad.

They have ensured that the Ukrainian nationalists have infiltrated the military and security organs in such a way that, on the one hand, together with the nationalists from the street ("activists"), they ensure that the population is kept in line or at least that any protest against anti-Russian "Ukrainisation" and the nationalist course is prevented by fear. On the other hand, through their levers of influence, they ensure constant tension against Russia and hatred of the "separatists" at home, without Ukraine having to turn into an open nationalist military dictatorship and, instead, maintaining an allegedly "democratic" façade.

A conglomerate of these forces, with the willing support of NATO advisers and employees of dozens of Western funds, economic actors and their lobbyists, can continue to rule the country under the guise of "Ukraine" as a state. That is why the question about the "failed state" posed in the headline of this article cannot be answered at all because it no longer stands like that. Because in order for something to fail, this "something" would have to exist beforehand.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine as a failed state, which is consistent with pro-Kremlin narratives alleging that Ukraine is a degrading state, also consistent with the narrative depicting the 2013-14 Ukrainian revolution as a coup d’état.

Ukraine, as an independent country, has a functioning government and economy, it is a member of many international organisations, such as the United Nations and the Council of Europe, and a party to international agreements. Ukraine has bilateral diplomatic relations with the majority of countries.

The demonstrations which began in Kyiv in November 2013 – called "Maidan", or "Euromaidan" – were a result of the Ukrainian people's frustration with former President Yanukovych's last-minute U-turn when, after seven years of negotiation, he refused to sign the EU–Ukraine Association Agreement and halted progress towards Ukraine's closer relationship with the EU due to Russian pressure. It cannot be labelled as a coup.

The protesters' demands included constitutional reform, a stronger role for parliament, formation of a government of national unity, an end to corruption, early presidential elections and an end to violence.

Ukraine's government has changed its relations toward Russia after the latter annexed illegally Crimea, which is part of Ukraine, following the covert invasion of “little green men".

The EU is among the strongest advocates of Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

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