Disinfo: Ukraine nationalists planning false-flag operation in Transnistria / Moldova


The Ukrainian nationalist Azov battalion is among the Ukrainian units which will soon perpetrate a false-flag operation in Transnistria. The aforementioned units will be wearing Russian Army uniforms to covertly invade the region and then blame it on Russia.


The claim advances a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative regarding Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine.

No evidence is presented in support of this claim. On the same day, an official Telegram channel affiliated with the Moldovan government refuted Moscow's allegations: "The [Moldovan] state authorities do not confirm the information disseminated this morning by the Russian Ministry of Defence."

Moscow has a history of falsely accusing its opponents of staging "provocations" which either never happened at all or were subsequently carried out by themselves or their allies. In the weeks leading up to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, Moscow repeatedly falsely claimed that Ukraine, assisted by US or Western forces, prepared a chemical attack or attacks on industry sites storing chemical agents, or is going to use the dirty bomb.

The inclusion of the Azov battalion in this claim is another indication that TASS, one of the key Russian state news services, try to fuel the fire. Russian state and pro-Kremlin outlets have been running a long campaign to portray the Azov battalion as "nazi".


  • Reported in: Issue 330
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 23/02/2023
  • Article language(s) English
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova
  • Keywords: false flag, Provocation, war crimes, War in Ukraine, Anti-Russian, Russophobia
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Disinfo: Criminal White House wants to escalate confrontation with Russia

Not mentioning the diplomatic settlement of the Ukrainian conflict in President Biden's speeches in Kyiv and Warsaw indicates Washington's desire to increase escalation with Moscow.

The Americans did not mention the desire for a political settlement to the crisis, all this testifies to the irresponsible intention of the United States to increase escalation in the confrontation with Russia. This is the criminal White House.


Recurring disinformation about the war in Ukraine, portraying the US as an alleged aggressor. The narrative aims to deflect responsibility away from Russia for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The White House, alongside partners like the EU or NATO, supports Ukraine with military and financial aid for the country’s efficient self-defence, in accordance with the UN Charter Article 51, to stop Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. This is not an escalation against Russia.

Disinfo: The UN deliberately hampered the rotation of IAEA inspectors at Zaporizhzhia NPP

The UN deliberately hampered the rotation of IAEA inspectors.

The “shift change” scheduled for February 7 has been postponed several times. Initially, representatives of the UN Security Department stated that everything would work out, and then changed their mind at the last moment.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

No evidence was provided to back the claim that the UN has deliberately postponed the rotation of IAEA inspectors at the NPP. In fact, according to IAEA, the replacement team is in Ukraine and was ready to start its duties at the scheduled time in early January.

Disinfo: The US is prepared to attack any NATO ally for its own gain

The biggest threat to NATO is that the US stands ready to attack any NATO ally for its own benefit. The US is using NATO as a tool, ready to be dismantled when necessary. By destroying Germany’s economy because the country demanded affordable Russian gas, the US proved that it is willing to abuse any NATO member in order to satisfy its own needs. All this shows that NATO has no reason to exist.


A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the alleged lost sovereignty of European NATO members, especially EU member states (more examples). Pro-Kremlin outlets often describe European states as puppet states or vassals of the US and NATO. These claims serve to deflect responsibility from Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine and mislead readers about NATO and its members.

Contrary to the claim, the European Union is a sovereign entity created by the voluntary initiative of European nations and it has its own, independent foreign policy, while the US has no say in its decisions. The EU and NATO are composed of sovereign member states and membership in the organizations is entirely voluntary.