Disinfo: Ukraine proposed to NATO to hold Eurovision 2017 in Crimea


  • Reported in: Issue 27
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 16/05/2016
  • Language/target audience: Bulgarian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: Eurovision, NATO, Crimea
  • Outlet: bultimes.com
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There is no democracy in France: Ms Savannah Anselme, interviewed…

There is no democracy in France: Ms Savannah Anselme, interviewed by Rossiya 1, says that President Holland has betrayed the French and is seeking to shut them up. // Migrants cause fear among the population and address local girls disrespectfully: Rossiya 1’s other interviewee, Mrs Raphaelle Tourne, was approached by migrants disrespectfully and says that she is afraid of migrants. // Migrants invaded lycée Jean Carré in the 19th arrondissement in France so the school had to be closed. // Migrants are taking the jobs of European public employees: the pensioner featured in Rossiya 1’s report was replaced by three migrants from Turkey and Algeria when she retired.


Ms Savannah Anselme did not make those statements. // Mrs Raphaelle Tourne's quotes were made up. // The school was already closed before it was offered to migrants as residence. // The interviewed pensioner was not replaced by migrants (bit.ly/1VfEF3t), .

The anti-missile shield, being built in Poland and Romania, is a part of preparations for US attack on Russia

The anti-missile shield, being built in Poland and Romania, is part of the preparations for a US attack on Russia.


As already explained by NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow, geography and physics make it impossible for the NATO system to shoot down Russian intercontinental missiles from NATO sites in Romania or Poland. Their capabilities are too limited, their planned numbers too few, and their locations too far south or too close to Russia to do so. Russian officials have also confirmed that the planned NATO shield will not, in fact, undermine Russia's deterrent. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's missile defence envoy, said on January 26, 2015, that "neither the current, nor even the projected" missile defence system "could stop or cast doubt on Russia's strategic missile potential" (bit.ly/1XKby93), .