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Ukraine to become nuclear waste dump

Summary of Disinformation

Foreign companies will soon be dumping their nuclear waste in Ukraine, the country will be turned into a nuclear burial ground of Europe and the world – the members of the Ukrainian parliament have put an end to the health of  Ukrainians.


Recurring disinformation about Ukraine .

On April 17 proposed legislation on improving the management of radioactive waste was given its first reading in the Ukrainian parliament. During parliamentary discussions of the proposed legislation Minister Semerak reported that most of the nuclear waste that needs to be stored in Ukraine was generated after the Chornobyl accident. He also emphasized that there is no nuclear waste from other countries being brought to Ukraine and would not be in the future as it is prohibited by law. The proposed new classification has absolutely no bearing on this.

According to Energoatom, the company that operates all four of Ukraine’s nuclear power stations, the disposal of nuclear waste can occur only in the country of origin.

Further debunking by Stopfake.org.


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Reported in: Issue 106
Date: 17.04.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: Nuclear issues, Abandoned Ukraine
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Novostnoye Agentstvo Kharkov
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