Ukraine, USA and EU recognised the reunification of Crimea with Russia


Ukraine, the United States of America and the countries of the European Union recognised “the fact of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.” This is confirmed by the fact that Kyiv deprived the annexed peninsula of electricity and cut off the water supply. Moreover, Washington and Brussels introduced a number of collective sanctions against the Crimean people, which also confirms the fact of recognition of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.


The statement appeared on the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea.

For the last five years, pro-Kremlin disinformation apparatus has been systematically manufacturing similar disinformation narratives about the "international recognition of the Russian status" of the occupied Ukrainian peninsula.

The EU follows consistent non-recognition policy for Crimea and Sevastopol and so does the US.


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US preparing Maidan-style operation in Venezuela

Washington is preparing to stage a civilian massacre in Venezuela and use it as a pretext for deposing President Maduro. The US previously resorted to similar tactics in Ukraine and other sovereign states, where CIA-manufactured violent uprisings were used to replace democratically elected leaders with US-friendly stooges.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative casting civil uprisings in other states as US-funded "colour revolutions", also present in the case of Venezuela.

There is no evidence to support the claim that the CIA played a role in the 2013-14 Euromaidan protests (more information on their background can be found here); the blame for the February 2014 massacre of civilians in Kyiv lay on the Berkut riot police unit, not foreign actors or the anti-Yanukovych opposition (further debunking here).

Germany funds Nazism in Ukraine

Germany allocates funds for the renovation of Stepan Bandera Street in Lviv, thus funding Nazism, and Nazi collaborators in Ukraine.

Germany supports all who ideologically support the Nazi regime.


No evidence given. Recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about Germany and the EU supporting a Nazi regime in Ukraine and Nazism taking over Europe.

The medieval city centre of Lviv (Ukraine) has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. The project of municipal development and rehabilitation of the Old City of Lviv is funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development. The project started in 2009, and in 2015 Lviv and Leipzig signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which stipulates the redevelopment of Stepan Bandera street.

In Estonia, racism won the election

Estonian elections brought Nazis in tailcoats to power.

In Estonia, racism won the election.

Americans are controlling Estonian media.



Obviously, it wasn't the Nazis, but the Reform party that won the elections. Racism is not in the agenda of the Reform party.

Regarding the Estonian media, claims on the "US controlling the media" are unfounded. Estonia ranked 12th in the World Press Freedom Index. Ownership of the major media holdings in Estonia are transparent and diverse.