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Ukraine’s new language law violates country’s constitution

Summary of Disinformation

On April 25 the Ukrainian Parliament passed a new language law, that is a violation of Ukraine’s Constitution, Russian speakers will be discriminated against and their rights will be violated. The new law violates scores of international agreements and treaties that Ukraine was party to. The law for obligatory use of Ukrainian language in the state sector is the cherry on the “Russophobic” cake that Ukraine has been baking for 5 years.

60 Minut @ Rossiya 1 time 05:05, Ukraina.ru
60 Minut @ Rossiya 1 time 05:05, Ukraina.ru

The new language law simply makes use of Ukrainian mandatory in all official government and administration business. Suggesting the new law violates the special status of the Russian language supposedly enshrined in the Constitution is a fake; Russian has never had special status in Ukraine.

Furthermore, article 10 of the Ukrainian Constitution grants special status to the Ukrainian language as the official state language. Article 11 of the Constitution meanwhile, guarantees the development and free functioning of indigenous and minority languages, be they Greek, Bulgarian or Russian.

Claiming that the new language law violates international treaties and charters is another example of distortion and fear mongering by the Russian media regarding the use of language in Ukraine.

The European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages, which Ukraine ratified, is designed to protect and promote regional and minority languages and to enable speakers to use them both in private and public life. In no way does the new language law infringe on the rights of minority languages, Ukraine continues to support national minority languages in culture and education.

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Reported in: Issue 148
Date: 26.04.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: Russian language, Russophobia
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: 60 Minut @ Rossiya 1 time 05:05 Ukraina.ru
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