Disinfo: Ukrainian drone equipped with a video camera aimed at and killed a child in Donbass


Ukrainian drone killed a child in Donbas.


The escalation organised by the Ukrainian military in the Donbass since the end of March has come to a logical end. In this case, civilian casualties. And not just peaceful citizens, but children. On Saturday, April 3, a tragedy broke out in the village of Aleksandrovskoye near the city of Yenakiyevo.

The Ukrainian military from the 59th brigade dropped an explosive device from an unmanned aerial vehicle in a residential area of ​​the village. As a result of the criminal actions of Ukrainian soldiers, a child born in 2016 died. A drone with a dropping explosive device is not an accidental arrival of a mine or a projectile. It is always equipped with a video camera, it is always controlled by the operator, and it is he who decides when and at what moment to send a lethal charge to the ground. So the drone operator could not ignore what he was doing and who he was condemning to death.


The claim is unverified. The village of Oleksandrivske (Aleksandrovskoye in Russian media) is located 15 kilometers away from the front line. The Russian Investigative Committee announced a probe into the death of a child there reported by pro-Kremlin media. The OSCE's special monitoring mission to Ukraine did not report the incident so far.

A report by the DPR's so-called news agency, republished by pro-Kremlin media, did not provide any images of the aftermath of the attack allegedly carried out in the village of Oleksandrivske. The claim cannot be independently verified, notes AFP.

For further details, see debunks by the Insider and StopFake.

No witnesses of a Ukrainian drone aiming at the child have come forward so far. Contradictory accounts of local residents (including that the child accidentally died because of an explosion of a shell dating from 2014-2015 when the village was on the front line) are available on social media. At this stage, it is too early and misleading to spread the theory that a Ukrainian "drone operator" deliberately killed a child in Oleksandrivske.

Russia always blames Ukraine for escalations in Donbass. Ukraine is not at war with millions of people from Donetsk and Luhansk as pro-Kremlin media often presents the situation. The aim is to present the situation in Eastern Ukraine as an internal conflict, ignoring irrefutable evidence of direct Russian military involvement in the region. These claims intentionally misrepresent the reality of Russia's direct and crucial important support to separatist militant groups in Eastern Ukraine.

Background: on July 12, 2014, Pervy Kanal showed an interview with a woman who claimed to be a local of Sloviansk in Eastern Ukraine. The woman described how she had seen a three-year child being crucified by Ukrainian nationalists while his mother was forced to watch.

The story was one of the peaks of the Kremlin-orchestrated campaign targeted at inciting hatred against Ukrainians. Journalists from Novaya Gazeta debunked the story, and other testimonies disproving the story by Pervyi Kanal appeared. In December 2014, Channel One's presenter recognised herself that "journalists did not have and do not have evidence of this tragedy". The false story of the crucified boy has reached at least 250 million viewers worldwide.

See other disinformation cases on Ukraine, Donbass.


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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 03/04/2021
  • Article language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia, Ukraine
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Disinfo: The US is considering the possibility of using special forces against Transnistria

Now officially: the United States openly declares that it is considering the possibility of using its special forces in the Moldovan-Transnistrian region!


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about a possible attack on Transnistria planned by pro-Western forces in Chisinau.

The statement refers to the international exercise "JCET-2021" (Joint Combined Exchange Training), which started on March 23, 2021, and was held in the training centres of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova. According to a press release of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Moldova, the exercise was attended by soldiers from the Special Forces of Moldovan, Romanian and American Army.

Disinfo: Russia has no interest in a conflict with Ukraine, let alone a military one

News about a possible conflict between Russia and Ukraine are just more untrue claims made by Kyiv. Russia has no interest in a conflict with Ukraine, let alone a military one. Ukrainian officials are trying to divert attention from internal problems, including the decreasing popularity of its governing party. Russia hopes Ukraine will refrain from actions which would provoke a conflict.


This is a recurring narrative in pro-Kremlin websites about the war in Ukraine.

Since there already is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, these claims are untrue. The conflict started in 2014 with the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Although the Russian side maintains this was a result of a referendum, the so-called referendum was illegal in terms of both Ukrainian and international law.

Disinfo: Western elites are afraid of beating coronavirus

Western elites fear victory over the Coronavirus [...] because in "advanced democracies", the authorities uses lockdowns not only for the sake of citizens' health, but also to tighten control […] The "new reality" is characterised by an increase in social stratification, as there is inequality in the availability of the vaccine compared to the “chosen group” that has priority in vaccination. [...] European elites believe that removing barriers and prohibitions is a serious challenge to them. Even with restrictions in places, protests against them continue on a large scale, and a tremendous amount of police violence has been recorded.


A pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the coronavirus global pandemic, and the demise of human rights and democracy in the West at the hands of a global/secret elite. Claims were neither challenged nor counterbalanced in the article.

It is not true that there is favoritism in European countries' vaccination strategies as all member states have a strictly implemented plan with objective criteria of starting with the highest risk groups (older people, people with underlying conditions, medical staff, etc.). There is also no evidence that Western elites are trying to slowdown the vaccination race against Covid-19.