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Ukrainian elections are a competition among Washington's puppets

Summary of Disinformation

Ukrainians are part of an all-Russian nation, along with Great Russians and Belarusians. Despite the high number of registered candidates for Ukraine’s presidential elections, no actual elections will take place. In fact, this event will merely be a competition among Washington’s puppets. The person that Washington chooses will become Ukraine’s new president.


Conspiracy theory, no evidence given about alleged US influence over the Ukrainian electoral process. This is a recurring disinformation narrative about Western meddling in Ukraine's elections (see earlier case).

The "all-Russian nation" is an imperial Russian and Russian irredentist ideology that is a favoured pro-Kremlin narrative aimed at weakening the national identity of Belarusians and Ukrainians as well as these countries' sovereignty. An earlier example can be seen here.



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Reported in: Issue 138
Date: 20.02.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Ukraine, US
Keywords: election meddling, Puppets, Elections
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Belarus Time 8:43 - 9:20
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