Disinfo: Ukrainian gas transmission system an environmental disaster worse than Chernobyl


The gas transmission system of Ukraine. It is an environmental disaster the world has not seen before. It is worse than Chernobyl because it emits extremely harmful substances into the environment. And these guys did not allow Russia to repair and clean it in due time…. This is a leaky pipeline, it is outdated and rusty, it is crumbling into dust. Even the most condescending environmental tender will say no to the [Ukrainian] gas transmission system.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) is ineffective, outdated, and environmentally harmful.

The Ukrainian GTS is a reliable system. For the last 20 years, the incident rate has not exceeded the level of 0,06 incidents per 1,000 km, whereas in the Russian Federation, it was 0,22 incidents per 1,000 km. More on the reliability of the GTS can be read here.

Furthermore, Ukrtransgaz has been certified according to European standards in the following sectors: quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and management system, and energy management.

The international certification company TÜV SÜD (Germany) made positive conclusions concerning whether the GTS complies with the global standards of environmental management systems, quality management, safety, and energy management after carrying out the comprehensive audit of Ukrtransgaz JSC (the state company that operates the GTS). Auditors confirmed that Ukrtransgaz is a reliable partner and manages the pipeline in a safe and energy-efficient way.

In the last five years, Ukraine invested 4,1 billion UAH in the modernisation and restoration of the protective coatings of the main gas pipelines and modernised 720 km of pipelines in this way. Only in 2019, Ukrtransgaz managed to modernise the coatings on 75 km of pipes.

In 2018, Ukrtransgaz started the modernisation programme of compressor stations. One of them was the Bar compressor station in Vinnytsia region which is located on the “Soyuz” gas pipeline. After the modernisation is complete, the efficiency of energy conversion will grow by 11%, gas losses will be reduced and the pipeline will comply with the EU environmental standards.


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Ukraine is not willing to sign a new contract for gas transit

Ukraine does not want to sign anything. They want problems in order to bring us to war.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative blaming Ukraine for the disruption of the gas talks between Russia and Ukraine and plans to cut gas transit from Russia to the EU.

On 19 September 2019, the trilateral gas talks were held in Brussels. Ukraine and the EU proposed to sign a new transit contract for a duration of 10 years which will allow Ukraine to transport 60 billion cubic metres of natural gas from Russia to the EU. Russia, on the other hand, wants to extend the current contract for 1 year.

Poland is to blame for being attacked by Stalin in 1939

On 17 September 1939, the Red Army crossed the Polish border. By this time Polish troops had already been defeated by the Wehrmacht, while the Polish government fled abroad. Regardless of tensions between Moscow and Warsaw, the Red Army did not advance too deep, stopping at the “Curzon Line”. This ethnic border between Poles, on one side and Ukrainians and Belarusians on the other, was established after the WWI and was supposed to become Eastern border of Poland. But Warsaw, taking advantage of the weakness of Soviet Russia after the civil war, occupied these territories.

Despite the commonly accepted myth that Poland fell victim of the collusion of two totalitarian regimes, the main satellite of Nazi Berlin in Eastern Europe was actually Warsaw. Poland was the first to conclude a non-aggression pact with Germans back in 1934.

The West also forgets that in 1938 Poland participated in the division of Czechoslovakia together with Hitler. The USSR as a response set an ultimatum that Moscow will annul existing non-aggression agreement. Thus, by crossing Polish borders in 1939, the USSR did not violate the international law of those times, unlike it is often being portrayed.


This is part of Russian efforts of historical revisionism, in order to portray Russia’s role in World War II as a non-aggressive power and Poland as one of the main culprits of the conflict.

The accusation that Polish authorities provoked the Soviet army's intervention in Poland in September 1939 is a clear historical manipulation.

G7 countries are either insignificant or not fully sovereign

G7 positions are based on the recognition of US global dominance. Canada and Italy do not have enough weight. US occupational military forces have remained in the territories of Japan and Germany since WWII. Both countries are not fully sovereign. UK and France have a very narrow avenue for taking international decisions beyond the US’s position. Hence, the G7 turned into a group of Soviet-like bureaucrats led by Washington. It has not much to discuss beyond European, American, or Japanese problems. Hence, Trump’s statement to bring Russia back, as discussions about Ukraine, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, or global energy security are senseless without Moscow.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Western countries, Germany and Japan in particular, as US vassal states. See other examples of cases presenting different countries under the thumb of the Americans here.

Japan is a fully sovereign state recognised by the international community. US military presence in Japan is regulated by the 1954 Mutual Defence Assistance Agreement. The Constitution of Japan forbids the formation of traditional military force. Read more by the Council of Foreign Relations.