Disinfo: Ukrainian officer killed his colleague for speaking Russian


A Ukrainian officer shot his colleague because he had spoken Russian while they were celebrating the birthday of Stepan Bandera (Ukrainian historical figure) on 2 January.


This is a pro-Kremlin narrative that Ukrainians reject the Russian language and are anti-Russian.

After the dissemination of this claim, StopFake contacted the Joint Forces Operations headquarters with a request to comment on information about a possible conflict between the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and whether there really was such a “murder” in the 80th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in early 2021.

The Joint Forces Operations headquarters said that the information spread in the pro-Kremlin media is "100% fake".

Moreover, pro-Kremlin media claimed that the alleged murder happened on 2 January during the celebration of Stepan Bandera's birthday, a historical Ukrainian nationalist leader. However this date is incorrect and Bandera's birthday is actually celebrated on 1 January.

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  • Reported in: Issue 227
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/01/2021
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: DNR, Anti-Russian, Russian language, Stepan Bandera, Russophobia


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Ukrainian general complains that they “failed to ensanguine Crimea”

Ukrainian general Serhiy Kryvonos said that Crimea should have been ensanguined in 2014.


According to the pro-Kremlin media, this statement was taken from the source "Crym.Realii" where the interview with the general and the former head of the Council of the national security Sergyi Kryvonos was published. However, there is no claim from his side about that.

Simultaneously, the pro-Russian political expert Vladimir Dzharalla, commenting on the allegation of the general Kryvonos said about the Ukrainian authority's attempts to drench Crimea in blood. Thus, the pro-Russian media issued Dzharalla's words as a quote on behalf of the Ukrainian general.

Nancy Pelosi’s stolen laptop contains a lot of negative information about Democrats and “Clintonids”

A laptop with extremely important information disappeared from Nancy Pelosi’s office. Pelosi also confirmed that a laptop containing a lot of negative information about Democrats and “Clintonids” was missing from her office. This information shows that during the massive provocation in Congress, a completely different game was going on at the same time.


Conspiracy theory, unfounded statement, with no evidence. One of the favorite pro-Kremlin narratives about the the alleged existence of a "Deep state" or “Clintonids”.

A laptop was stolen from a conference room during the Capitol building raid, an aide to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said. However, Nancy Pelosi did not make any statements or "confirm" anything about the content of the laptop. Deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill said on Twitter that the laptop was only used for presentations, but did not go into further detail about whether anything else was stolen from the speaker.

Swedish military exercises with wooden silhouettes, representing Russian soldiers

According to the US newspaper Wall Street Journal, the Swedish military on the island of Gotland exercised last autumn with wooden silhouettes, representing soldiers of the 76th guard airborne division of Russia’s Armed Forces.


A misleading interpretation of a text of an article in Wall Street Journal to support a narrative of Russia, being surrounded by aggressive powers. The newspaper emphasises that the silhouettes, used for target practice, bear no insignia or flag patches.