Disinfo: Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate does not exist


Kyiv Patriarchate has not been recognized in the world at all. [—] And the church of the Kyiv Patriarchate does not exist.


Non-recognition does not mean that the church or its congregation do not exist. According to a poll conducted by the sociological service of the Razumkov Center in November 2016, the majority of Ukrainians - 64.7% - consider themselves Orthodox; among them 39.5% identify themselves with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate and 23.3% refer themselves to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.


  • Reported in: Issue 95
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15/01/2018
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
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In terms of trade, Russia is ten times more important for the Czech Republic than France

As an economic partner, Russia is ten times more important for the Czech Republic than France.


Czech exports to France are much higher than to Russia. France is the fifth most important destination for Czech exporters. In 2016, 5.2% of Czech exports went to France, while only 1.9% to Russia. Similarly for imports. In 2016 France accounted for 3.2% of import to the Czech Republic, while Russia 2%. Therefore in terms of export and import, Russia is less important for the Czech Republic than France.
Source: atlas.media.mit.edu/en/profile/country/cze/#Exports,

US organises migration to destroy Europe

The US organises migration to destroy Europe because otherwise the continent would have been as powerful as the United States. The Muslim invasion however will destroy European society. Immigration was started by the United States by creating chaos in the Middle East, which helped the rise of ISIS. Their plan is being executed by European politicians who are being paid off by the Americans.


No evidence provided for recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation and conspiracy theory.

George Soros wants another change of government in Ukraine

The West demands that Ukraine creates a high-level anti-corruption court, otherwise the country will be denied access to USD 800 million the Poroshenko administration has been promised. Western institutions have made ultimatum-like declarations, trying to force Ukraine to do something it opposes. Poroshenko hopes that he would receive the money anyway.


Repeating pro-Kremlin disinformation about George Soros. Petro Poroshenko submitted a draft law on the anti-corruption court on December 22, 2017. International institutions did indeed criticise the submitted draft bill for multiple reasons, most importantly for not following the Venice Commissions recommendations. Poroshenko stated he is open to having the draft amended during the second reading in Parliament. There is no proof that Ukrainians were against creating an anti-corruption court.