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Ukrainian Soldiers Wearing Russian Uniforms Spotted in Donbas

Summary of Disinformation

Ukrainian armed forces wearing Russian military uniforms were spotted on the contact line between Ukraine and the occupied eastern Donbas territories. Ukrainian provocations may be planned to serve as an information campaign directed against the LPR and the Russian Federation.


Recurring narrative trying to deny the involvement of Russian soldiers in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The only evidence provided is a photo of Ukrainian special forces. Stopfake has however shown that the photo used is from 2015 and taken in Kiev. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, supposedly alerted by the separatists to the presence of suspicious men wearing Russian military uniforms, makes no mention of any such persons in Shchastia or its vicinity.

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Reported in: Issue 113
Date: 12.06.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: fake news, Eastern Ukraine, Provocation, War in Ukraine, Donbas
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Lenta.ru, Miaistok.su, Ukraina.ru, Zvezda, Moskovskyi Komsomolets, Izvestia, Vesti, Kommersant, Antifascist, Russkaya Vesna, URA.ru, Topnews.ru, Tsargrad, Novostnoye Agentstvo Kharkov, Istok, Novoross Info, News Front, Slovodel.com
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