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Ukrainian TV Channel broadcasting in Belarus is part of Ukraine’s information war against Russia

Summary of Disinformation

Ukrainian UATV channel broadcasting in Belarus will empower extremist elements and contribute to polarization of Belarusian society. This is part of Kyiv’s strategy to develop an information war against Russia via the Belarusian media space and with the assistance of Ukrainian special bodies.

Sonar2050, Teleskop

No proof given to support these claims.

This claim echoes the pro-Kremlin narrative about anti-Russian propaganda spread by Ukrainian media, at times with Western support. See earlier examples here and here.

UATV was allowed to broadcast in Belarus based on the decision on the Belarus' Ministry of Information. The decision was made based on the positive conclusion of the Ministry's special committee, which analysed whether the TV channel spread information which goes against Belarusian legislation. Read more here.


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Reported in: Issue 134
Date: 28.01.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Ukraine, Belarus
Keywords: Propaganda
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sonar2050, Teleskop
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