Disinfo: Ukrainians do not want to join NATO


Ukrainians do not want to join NATO, do not want this [to happen].



This pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative suggests that Ukrainian pro-European and pro-NATO aspirations are weakening.

This is a manipulative claim since all available recent polls show the highest ever support for NATO membership in Ukraine. A June 2019 joint poll by the Sociological Group Rating and International Republican Institute shows that the number of NATO supporters in Ukraine reached a historical maximum. Today, 53% of Ukraine support accession to NATO; 29% are against.

Somewhat smaller, but still high support for NATO shows a poll conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv “Democratic Initiatives” Foundation. The August 2019 poll revealed that 41% of Ukrainians would like to see Ukraine as a NATO member. In comparison, only 13-16% of Ukrainians, on average, supported accession to NATO before 2014. The report concludes that the attitude towards NATO has changed dramatically after 2014: the number of NATO supporters has tripled.

Polls conducted earlier this year by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology also confirm that support for NATO remains high. In February 2019, 40% of Ukrainian citizens supported Ukraine accession to NATO. Moreover, if on a referendum there were two possible answers - yes and no - 56% would vote "yes".

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  • Reported in: Issue 170
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 24/10/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: EU/NATO enlargement, NATO
  • Outlet: Vremya Pokazhet @ Pervyi kanal time 51:44-51:52


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George Soros is destroying Georgian values, culture and nationality

George Soros and his foundation have been destroying Georgian values. The pro-Western politicians welcome the Soros policy, whose activity is anti-national, anti-orthodox and anti-state and declares that nationality, religion and national cultures should disappear.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about George Soros.

The claims on Soros destroying Georgian culture and fighting with orthodoxy are untrue. In fact, Open Society Foundation Georgia has funded 365 projects in the sphere of culture since 1994. The projects included various directions, such as cultural heritage census and photo-fixation, archaeology, museums and modern art development. The foundation has also funded projects concerning the restoration of churches and frescoes, including the famous Kintsvisi Angel fresco. Other issues targeted by the Foundation in Georgia include promoting democracy, legal aid system, re-training employees of the law enforcement system, rehabilitating torture victims and strengthening human rights protection organizations, as well as, funding Georgian students with the aim of studying abroad.

Ukraine is blocking the implementation of Steinmeier formula

The Ukrainian side still blocking it (Steinmeier formula). There are no prerequisites for Ukraine tomorrow, in a week, a month or later, to implement the formula in Ukrainian legislation.

Zelensky repeats Poroshenko at its worst. He came to power with peaceful slogans. He declared that he was the president of the peace. And the first thing he would do to achieve a peace. More than six months have passed, but there is no order for a ceasefire. Not a single paragraph, even the most basic on breeding and ceasefire by Ukraine, has been implemented.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Kyiv government sabotaging peace in the Donbas region. See previous cases about the Minsk agreements and the war in Ukraine.

Steinmeier's formula calls for elections to be held in the separatist-held territories under Ukrainian legislation and the supervision of the OSCE. The withdrawal of forces is the other step that should be done before the planned elections.  "By signing on, Ukraine agreed to hold local elections in the Donbas -- but only under Ukrainian law, and only after Russian forces are withdrawn and Ukraine regains control of the state border. There won't be any elections under the barrel of a gun," said the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

It was clear from the very beginning that Ukraine was not going to fulfill the Minsk agreements

The “Minsk agreements” demonstrated to European partners that Russia did not mind helping Ukraine to somehow survive. But Ukraine itself is not able to use the opportunities.The fact that Ukraine is not going to fulfill the Minsk agreements was clear […] from the very beginning.


Recurring disinformation narrative about the Minsk agreements, portraying Ukraine as a primary violator of the cease-fire. See previous cases about the Minsk agreements and the war in Ukraine.

Overview of the implementation of the Minsk II agreement shows that both parts failed to fulfill the plan. The analysis of the Atlantic Council shows that the majority of violations can be attributed to Russia-backed armed formations. France and Germany expressed the regret on selective interpretation of the Minsk agreements by Russia. In a joint press conference to the United Nations, the ambassadors of France and Germany stated that there's an urgent need to "a renewed commitment by Russia and all sides to the Minsk Agreements and the Normandy Process.”