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Ukrainians suffer from fascism, a political turn is not in sight

Summary of Disinformation

Ukrainians suffer from fascism. A political turn that could stop fascism (in Ukraine) is not in sight.



This disinformation message is consistent with the pro-Kremlin narrative about Ukraine and Nazis.

The far-right ‘Right Sector’ gained only 1.8% of the votes, far short of the threshold needed to enter Parliament. Ukrainians clearly voted for unity and moderation, not separatism or extremism.

See earlier cases alleging that Nazis seized power in Ukraine and that Ukraine needs denazification.


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Reported in: Issue 156
Date: 17.06.2019
Language: German
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: Ukrainian disintegration, War in Ukraine, Ukrainian statehood, Nazi/Fascist
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: RT Deutsch time 23:23-23:47
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