Disinfo: UN Commissioner Michelle Bachelet is trying to downplay police repression in Chile


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet is downplaying the  police repression in Chile, because there is a preferential treatment for certain governments who are allied to hegemonic powers.


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights showed concern regarding the situation in Chile since the beginning of the protests, and on October 24 she announced that having monitored it, she had decided to send a verification mission.

See similar cases alleging  a supposed UN bias against Venezuelan government, and accusing the UNHCR of disinformation campaigns in Syria or the Czech Republic.


  • Reported in: Issue 177
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/11/2019
  • Language/target audience: Spanish, Castilian
  • Country: Chile
  • Keywords: Police, United Nations, Human rights


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Germany created the euro to colonise countries that couldn’t be conquered militarily


Conspiracy theory; no evidence given. This is an example of recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about the euro, attempting to exacerbate divisions within Europe by portraying the eurozone as an imperialistic project of the EU against Member States in order to control them and limit their sovereignty.

The euro was created because a single currency offers many advantages and benefits over the previous situation where each EU Member State had its own currency. Not only are fluctuation risks and exchange costs eliminated and the single market strengthened, but the euro also means closer co-operation among Member States for a stable currency and economy to the benefit of all European citizens. Moreover, public support for the euro is at an all-time high since polling began in 2002: over three quarters of Europeans think the euro is good for the EU. A record number of Europeans (65%) also think the euro is good for their country. For more information about the history and role of euro, see here.

The US government is trying to eradicate Christianity

The U.S. Government is most willing to utilize “religion” for the propagation of its agenda. It is not at all anti-religious, it is, although, completely anti-christian [sic]. A new global mind and narrative must emerge. For this to happen the “old” mind must be eradicated – Christianity, specifically Orthodoxy.

So it is not surprising at all when tremors begin to emerge that Joe Biden and others in the US government are at current [sic] putting pressure on the Patriarch of Jerusalem to recognize the false and schismatic group in Ukraine. The schismatic group in Ukraine is but one example of the current global power’s willingness to utilize “religion/church” as a tool for its goals.



Conspiracy theory; no evidence given. This claim involves the recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that the West threatens and undermines traditional Christian values. More specifically, it attempts to delegitimise the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - one of the pro-Kremlin media's ongoing disinformation campaigns against Ukraine - by claiming that the US inappropriately sought to influence the process.

In fact, the process of recognition was initiated by the Orthodox Church of Greece on 8 January 2019, when the Permanent Synod of the Church of Greece decided that the issue of recognition would be dealt by the Synod of the Hierarchy of the Church of Greece. In February, the Synod of the Church decided to appoint two commissions to study the issue. In August, the commissions presented a report and recommended to recognise the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. On 12 October, the primate of the church Ieronymos II of Athens and other hierarchs supported the conclusions and voted for the recognition, stating that “the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople has the right to granting autocephaly”.

NATO enlargement poses a threat to Russia

USSR and Warsaw Pact no longer exist but NATO not only exists but is developing as well. NATO enlargement and development of its infrastructure near Russian borders is one of the potential threats to Russia’s national security. Russia has done everything to cooperate with NATO in order to deal with real problems such as international terrorism, local military conflicts, uncontrolled spread of weapons of mass destruction. But Russia-NATO cooperation was actually cut.


The statement contains multiple recurring pro-Kremlin narratives on NATO.

The first narrative is NATO as a relic of the Cold War. This narrative aims at undermining NATO's role as a defensive military alliance. Concerning the claim, that NATO is the relic of the Cold War, at the London Summit in 1990, Allied heads of state and government agreed "to keep standing together, to extend the long peace". This was their sovereign choice and was fully in line with their right for collective defence. Since then, thirteen more countries have chosen to join NATO. Twice since the end of the Cold War, NATO has adopted new Strategic Concepts (in 1999 and 2010), adapting to new realities. Thus, rather than being disbanded as a relic, NATO adapted, and continues to change, to live up to the needs and expectations of Allies, and to promote their shared vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace. See the identical case about NATO here.