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United States implicated in Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and MH17 plane disasters

Summary of Disinformation

The understanding of the circumstances around the MH17 plane crash in Germany has changed. Reports implicate the United States in both the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the MH17 plane crash in Ukraine. The Boeing flight MH370 was in the area of military exercises conducted by the US and Malaysia, the same happened later in Donbass.These two cases are connected with the US as the possible cause.

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Conspiracy theory without any substantiated proof. The claims of US implications are based on an article published by N-TV on 8 March 2019. The article titled "Three theories on the fate of MH370" gives three versions of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 tragedy, a pilot's suicide, hijacking and US-Thailand military exercises in the South Chinese Sea. Regarding the third theory, the article says: "The third theory is connected with a missile launch, accidental or deliberate. It assumes that the aircraft was shot down in a joint military exercise by Thailand and US in the South China Sea. This is similar to the case that took place a few months later with Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine".

The hypothesis that the Flight MH370 jet was shot down during a U.S.-Thai exercise was voiced in 2014 in Nigel Cawthornes's book Flight MH370: The Mystery, among many unofficial disappearance theories of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. However the book received considerable criticism and was not  taken seriously by investigation teams, i.e. the theory can be considered a conspiracy.

The Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team has concluded that flight MH17 was shot down on 17 July 2014 by a missile of the 9M38 series, launched by a BUK-TELAR, from farmland in the vicinity of Pervomaiskiy. At that time, the area was controlled by pro-Russian fighters. The BUK-TELAR was brought in from the territory of the Russian Federation and subsequently, after having shot down flight MH-17, was taken back to the Russian Federation.

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Reported in: Issue 141
Date: 11.03.2019
Language: Russian
Country: United States, Malaysia, Ukraine
Keywords: Conspiracy, MH17
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Politnavigator, Expert.ru, Regnum, Inforuss, Yandex Zen
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