Disinfo: Unlike our Western partners, Russia has delivered and continues to…


Unlike our Western partners, Russia has delivered and continues to deliver real humanitarian assistance to the Syrian population, aimed at preventing a humanitarian disaster in a number of cities and towns of the country.


The European Union is the leading donor in the international response to the crisis. More than €5 billion have been mobilised for relief and recovery assistance to Syrians. More about what the EU is doing with regards to humanitarian aid to Syria here bit.ly/1Nunsvg.The, EU fully support to the UN-led process and to the UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura. During the Foreign Affairs Council on 16th of January, the Ministers recalled the need to ensure full humanitarian access and protection throughout the country bit.ly/2jH10vq, .


  • Reported in: Issue 54
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15/01/2017
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Syria
  • Keywords: West, Syrian War


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Ukraine Begins Hunt For Separatists

Ukraine Begins Hunt For Separatists


The story was spread in plenty of publications but all were written by one person, whose byline often appears in separatist publications. The base for the claim is an internet petition about criminal responsibility for separatism registered on President Poroshenko’s site on January 12. To date the petition has gathered 73 signatures. Anyone can register a petition or appeal on the presidential site. If the petition gathers 25,000 supporters the President is obliged to respond, but even a presidential response does not guarantee any legislative change.bit.ly/2kEEyQC,

Hundreds of Russian missile defense systems S-400 were suddenly brought…

Hundreds of Russian missile defense systems S-400 were suddenly brought into a state of high alert on the orders of President Putin, who received a “serious warning” by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) which claims that the CIA prepares to murder the president-elect US Donald Trump in order to accuse Russia for the murder and let that serve as a reason to start a war with Russia.


Conspiracy theory. Nothing of the sort happened.The disinformation about CIA plotting against the US president has been widely spread in pro-Kremlin messaging bit.ly/2jQUgHP, , bit.ly/2juL2zW, , bit.ly/2jyFhRy, .

The government of Ukraine illegally seized power of the country

The government of Ukraine illegally seized power of the country.


The OSCE characterised the Ukrainian elections in 2014 as showing the "clear resolve of the authorities to hold what was a genuine election largely in line with international commitments and with a respect for fundamental freedoms." According to the OSCE, the only areas where serious restrictions were reported were those controlled by separatists, who undertook "increasing attempts to derail the process."bit.ly/2g9K0Mp,