Disinfo: US and EU coordinate colour revolutions to destabilise Russia


Russia usually displays infinite patience and adheres to a policy of self-restraint, in tireless and painstaking attempts to bypass the sharpened ends of the relationship with the West, despite the attempts of the United States of America and the European Union to interfere in its internal affairs in a blatant manner, whether by coordinating and supporting colour revolutions on the Russian borders, or through destabilisation projects inside Russia, or through economic sanctions that have continued since 2014, following the coup in Ukraine, and the unification of Crimea with Russia.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that paints all manifestations of popular discontent as colour revolutions, portraying entire nations of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe as pathologically Russophobic, and alleges that the West is attempting to encircle Russia and to promote Russophobic sanctions and create instability around all Russian border. No evidence is provided to support the allegations.

This narrative has been applied, among others, to the Arab Spring revolts, Euromaidan in Ukraine, protests in Catalonia, Venezuela, Georgia, and Belarus.

As for the 2021 Russian protests that began on 23 January 2021, it erupted in support of the arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny and as a reaction to the investigation of Putin's Palace.

Since March 2014, the EU has progressively imposed restrictive measures against Russia which were prolonged until 31 July 2021. The measures were adopted in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea, the deliberate destabilisation of Ukraine and the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

See other similar cases in our database claiming that the neo-liberal forces behind Navalny will intensify their attempts to destroy Russia, or that the West sent Navalny back to Russia to prevent him from becoming irrelevant, or that the West has launched a second wave of colour revolutions, or that the West needs any cause to sanction Russia, or that even EU sanctions against Russia are illegal.

The same article contained another case claiming that NATO is expanding, annexing lands and encircling Russia.


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  • Reported in: Issue 236
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 25/02/2021
  • Article language(s) Arabic,
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia, US, EU, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Colour revolutions, Conspiracy theory, Encircling Russia, Protest, West, Sanctions, Anti-Russian, Alexei Navalny, Crimea, War in Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine
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Ukraine, Baltic states discriminate against Russian language

Russia is increasingly concerned about discrimination against the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic countries and Ukraine, particularly with regard to linguistic and educational rights. Russia regrets that the UN Human Rights Council and its special procedures remain silent about the blatant violations of the human rights of millions of people. It is unacceptable when the protection of a state language is accompanied by repressions against national minorities.


This is a recurrent narrative by pro-Kremlin media both in Russia and throughout the world. Neither the Russian language nor those who speak it are oppressed in Ukraine. The closure of three TV channels – 112 Ukraine, ZIK and NewsOne – on 2 February 2021 had nothing to do with discrimination on linguistic or ethnic grounds. These manifestly pro-Kremlin outlets were taken off the air because they were financed from the temporarily occupied territories in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s legislation on education does not cut any rights of national minorities. The law on the use of the Ukrainian language does not infringe on their rights either. These laws only aim to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian language in Ukrainian society, as well as ensuring the minorities’ rights.

Ukrainians are massively travelling to Russia get vaccinated with Sputnik V

The Ukrainians, deprived of the possibility to be vaccinated in their home country, decided to take advantage of Russia's naivety, arriving in large numbers “to the aggressor country” to be vaccinated against COVID-19. These trips were so popular that it turned out that the Ukrainians made up a significant number among the foreigners vaccinated at the expense of the Russian budget.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine, vaccination and Sputnik V.

The claim about Ukrainian citizens travelling to Russia on a large-scale travelling to receive the Sputnik V vaccine is not supported by evidence. There are travel restrictions between Ukraine and Russia (14-day quarantine in Ukraine plus serious travel restrictions for most of the Ukrainians entering Russia), so there is no intense movement of travellers between the two states.

New sanctions on Russia humiliate the EU

New sanctions on Russia are illogical and absurd. These sanctions are forced on the EU and they humiliate the European Union. This policy is imposed on the EU by Washington.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the US presence in Europe and sanctions.

On the 22 February 2021 the Foreign affairs ministers of the EU agreed on future restrictive measures in response to seriuos violations of human rights in Russia. As High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said: “In response to the events around the situation of Mr. Navalny we reached a political agreement to impose restrictive measures against those responsible for his arrest, sentencing and persecution. For the first time ever we will make use of the EU Global Human Rights Regime to this.