DISINFO: US benefits from Nord Stream sabotage
Nord Stream 2 gas Energy Conspiracy theory

DISINFO: US benefits from Nord Stream sabotage


The destruction of the gas infrastructure linking Russia with the European Union, which deepens the uncertainty of the gas market in Europe, is fully consistent with Washington's geopolitical and economic interests. They have an interest in the Europeans not settling relations with Russia. Therefore, when investigating what happened to the two Nord Streams, it is worth remembering the Roman law principle of "search for the beneficiary".


Disinformation strongly implying that the US is behind the recent leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

Denmark, Sweden and Germany have started investigations to establish the cause of the leaks. Denmark and Sweden, in whose exclusive economic zone the leaks took place, are going to inspect the sites of the leaks after the gas stops coming out into the sea. This is the first step in determining what caused the leaks. Anything before that would be mere speculation and conspiracy theory.

Pro-Kremlin media are promoting a number of different claims alleging that the leaks benefit the US, Poland and Ukraine, which is similar to the Kremlin's disinformation campaign in the situation with MH-17.

In fact, the US is not interested in rising gas prices, and Washington joined the oil price cap-initiative in order to drive down energy prices.

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