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US controlling the intelligence services of Germany and other countries

Summary of Disinformation

The US is controlling the intelligence services of Germany and other countries. It uses Austrian spy scandal to weaken the relations between Russia and EU. Next US’ targets would be Hungary and Italy.

British security services are behind the Russian-Austrian spy row. It is the continuation of the Skripal case.


No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about alleged US conspiracy and Skripal's poisoning.

A senior Austrian military officer is believed to have spied for Moscow for decades, Vienna said on Friday. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Friday that the suspected espionage case had been uncovered and handed over to prosecutors.

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Reported in: Issue 125
Date: 12.11.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Austria, UK, Russia, US
Keywords: Sergei Skripal, Conspiracy
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: "Pravo Golosa" TV Centre, timing @ 05:25 & 21:35
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