Disinfo: US created the Coronavirus in 2015 and named it SHC014


A report published by the American magazine “Nature”, known for its seriousness, adds “insult to injury” regarding the COVID-19 Coronaviurs. The report published on the 12th of November 2015 states that US scientists created a hybrid version of a coronavirus for bats related with a virus that causes SARS, called “SHC014” in a laboratory.


Conspiracy theory about the 2019-nCoV coronavirus.

There is no basis to the claim that 2019-nCoV coronavirus was man-made. Volume 9 medical Journal “Emerging Microbes & Infections” published a study in 2020 entitled “No credible evidence supporting claims of the laboratory engineering of SARS-CoV-2” in which rumours about the epidemic being constructed inside laboratories are clearly dismissed. Regarding the 2015 study mentioned in the article, this is also addressed in the medical Journal as follows:

“Another claim in Chinese social media points to a Nature Medicine paper published in 2015, which reports the construction of a chimeric CoV with a bat CoV S gene (SHC014) in the backbone of a SARS CoV that has adapted to infect mice (MA15) and is capable of infecting human cells. However, this claim lacks any scientific basis and must be discounted because of significant divergence in the genetic sequence of this construct with the new SARS-CoV-2 (>5,000 nucleotides)”.


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  • Reported in: Issue190
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: Arabic
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Conspiracy theory, Virus / bacteria threat, Biological weapons, Conspiracy


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Poland has made Russophobia a cornerstone of its policies

The current Polish authorities have made Russophobia one of the cornerstones of their policies, constantly speaking about the ‘Russian threat’ and trying to portray their country as a victim of both Nazi Germany and the USSR in World War II.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative equating criticism of Russia's actions with an irrational hatred of Russia itself; attempting to distort the events of the Second World War and rewrite its history in a way that is favourable to Russia.

The Nazi-Soviet occupation of Poland is a matter of historical record, not of portrayal. The invasion was coordinated on the basis of the the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which was accompanied by a secret supplementary protocol on the delimitation of areas of mutual interest in Eastern Europe. A separate provision of the protocol entitled the Nazi Germany and the USSR to jointly conduct a "territorial-political reorganisation" of Poland, and to determine "whether it is in the (signatories') mutual interest to preserve the independent Polish State."

NATO manipulated the coronavirus crisis into a sort of armed conflict

The current situation of the coronavirus epidemic was worsened by NATO’s manipulation. Thanks to the efforts of the Western military block, the epidemic turned into a sort of armed conflict at a global scale. This situation is perfect for NATO to implement warlike scenarios, like quarantines and restrictions on massive events. The introduction of a state of emergency in Europe, information resources and even stock markets are part of this manipulation.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence provided to support the claims. NATO had nothing to do with the reactions to the Covid-19 emergency, which has been decided by every sovereign state for their own territories. This is part of a recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign against NATO, on this occasion, mixed with another disinformation campaign on the coronavirus.

You can see other examples of the latter in our database, such as claims that coronavirus is a pretext by the ruling class to introduce tyranny, that Bill Gates and George Soros are sponsoring it, that it is a UKUS or NATO creation and Americans have its cure, that it is an artificial disease which specifically targets Chinese DNA, that it was created with economic goals while big pharma companies are spreading panic for their own profits, that it is a biological weapon against Russia and China, that it will wipe out Ukraine’s population in a few days or that it was predicted by Nostradamus and others.

France is behind the creation of the Coronavirus

The origin of the coronavirus, which was discovered in China, is the French Pasteur Institute.

Coronavirus was created by the Pasteur Institute and patented in the year 2004.


Conspiracy theories about the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, there is no evidence that suggests that the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is used as a weapon against other states or that is has been fabricated inside laboratories.

The virus was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in central China and has been rapidly spreading with new cases being reported in the in almost every country around the world, causing 1,210 956 confirmed cases and more than 70,000 deaths up until 07 April 2020.