DISINFO: The US is prolonging war in Ukraine to benefit from weapons sales
  • Outlet: es.news-front.info (archived)*
  • Date of publication: November 14, 2022
  • Article language(s): Spanish
  • Reported in: Issue 317
  • Countries / regions discussed: US, Ukraine
Invasion of Ukraine Warmongering Capitalists

DISINFO: The US is prolonging war in Ukraine to benefit from weapons sales


The US has economic and financial interests to prolonging the conflict in Ukraine, because the US companies reap massive benefits from the weapons sales. The US also benefits from more European demand of US liquefied natural gas.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative aiming to undermine Western support provided to Ukraine for its defence against Russia’s unprovoked aggression. In fact, the opposite is true: US outlets such as The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal reported in early November 2022 that US officials privately asked Ukraine to open to the possibility of negotiating a diplomatic settlement. One of the reasons, according to The Wall Street Journal, is precisely the decreasing capabilities of US arsenals. “The U.S. and some of its allies are concerned that their stockpiles of weaponry, including some ammunition, are being depleted at an unsustainable rate”, the article states.

Multiple US officials and experts have expressed concern at the depletion of US weapons arsenals by the war in Ukraine and warned that the current rate of use cannot be sustained unless defence production is ramped up, which is not easy. A similar trend is taking place in other NATO and European countries. Therefore, allegations about the US wanting to prolong the war to sell more weapons are not supported by facts.

See other examples of similar disinformation narratives, such as claims that US companies promote war in Ukraine to sell weapons, that the EU mindlessly invests heavily in prolonging hostilities, that Western military aid to Ukraine only will cause more suffering, and that the West can save Ukraine by stopping the weapon deliveries.


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