Disinfo: US-led coalition strike in Syria targets civilians, killing 50


At least 50 people were killed in a US-led coalition airstrike on a civilian camp near Baghouz village in Syria, one of the few remaining ISIS enclaves.


The story advances a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative of war crimes perpetrated in Syria by the US and its allies, and provides no evidence of any civilian deaths resulting from the coalition's offensive on Baghouz. The report is based on an article by SANA, the regime-controlled Syrian news agency which cites "local sources" as saying that the strikes "targeted" civilians escaping from the area.

The article fails to mention that the Baghouz operation was preceded by an evacuation of around 20,000 civilians from the surrounding areas, led by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF]. As a number of women and children remain in the ISIS-held enclave, SDF troops are advancing on the ground specifically to minimize casualties, with air support from the International Coalition.

See here for more details on the ongoing operation.


  • Reported in: Issue 140
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 11/03/2019
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: US, Syria
  • Keywords: War crimes, Syrian War, Daesh
  • Outlet: Sputnik
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European Parliament decides practically nothing in the EU

The European Parliament decides practically nothing in the modern structure of the political power of Europe.


The European Parliament is one of the to EU law-making bodies. Since 1979, it is directly elected by EU voters every 5 years. The last elections were in May 2014.

Parliament has constitutional-type and ratification powers. It passes EU laws, together with the Council of the EU, based on European Commission proposals. It has budgetary powers, scrutiny over the executive, it hears citizens’ petitions, and appoints the European Ombudsman. A detailed overview of the European Parliament’s role in the European decision-making process can be consulted here.

The EU was invented in the Third Reich and created by US agents

One of the EU founders (Walter Hallstein) was a “star of jurisprudence” in the Third Reich, who developed the legal foundations of a unified Hitlerian Europe; other two EU founders (Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet) were paid agents and puppets of the US State Department. The main goal was to prevent the union of France and Germany and make Europe fully submissive to the United States.

The US State Department is also the cause of all current problems of the EU – erosion of national identities, renouncement of the Christian heritage, destructive tolerance for migrants.


Conspiracy theory based on recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation  narrative about EU being a Nazi project or under US control.

To learn more about the EU pioneers click here.

Macron spoke about RT and Sputnik in order to distract the audience from problems in France

Macron spoke about RT and Sputnik in order to distract the audience from problems in France. In late January, speaking to journalists about the yellow vests protests, Emmanuel Macron referred to “the assistance of a foreign power,” such as Russia, which, “through Russia Today or Sputnik, […] often features in their discourse.” These very surprising remarks contradict the information provided by the French intelligence services. It may be an attempt to hide the fact that there is a problem in the country. French authorities have not found any trace of Russian interference in the yellow vests protests.


The disinforming outlet gave a simplified and cut-out version of what Mediapart.Fr reported on March 8, 2019.

Indeed, Mediapart spoke to unnamed French intelligence sources asking for comments on whether any Russian meddling in the yellow vests' protests had taken place and received a negative answer. But, as Mediapart.fr admits, there is another body which is in charge of a proper investigation of this alleged meddling: the General Secretariat for Defense and National Security (SGDSN). The latter's investigation has not been concluded yet.