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American soldiers tore Lithuanian flag into pieces

Summary of Disinformation

American troops stationed in the Baltic States tore Lithuanian flag away from the State Prosecutor’s building in Kaunas, and shredded it into pieces. The incident occurred in April 2018, but was kept away from the public.


Rg.ru, Ria.ru, Gazeta.ru, Vesti.ru, News-Front.info, TvZvezda.ru, Sputniknews.lt, 5-tv.ru

No evidence provided that such incident ever took place.

USA troops have not been stationed in Lithuania since 2017, following the commencement of the deployment of the NATO eFP battalion. twitter.com/LT_MFA_Stratcom/status/1082255481761087489?s=19,

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Reported in: Issue 131
Date: 06.01.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Lithuania, US
Keywords: Military, NATO
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Rg.ru Ria.ru Gazeta.ru Vesti.ru News-Front.info TvZvezda.ru Sputniknews.lt 5-tv.ru
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