DISINFO: US needs armed confrontation between Europe and Russia to rescue its own economy
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DISINFO: US needs armed confrontation between Europe and Russia to rescue its own economy


The threat of a conflict on the global level is as real as during the 1962 Сaribbean crisis [ed. Cuban missile crisis]. America is accelerating the crisis that could escalate into a real armed confrontation (with Russia). For Europe, it could destroy part of it. For the US, it is the possibility to rescue its own economy.


The message is mixing disinformation narratives about Europe as a puppet of the US, which is provoking war with Russia through its proxy and narratives of US policy driven exclusively by companies producing military equipment.

The US is not seeking war or any kind of confrontation with Russia. It is officially stated that:

The United States has long sought a full and constructive relationship with Russia... The United States would like to stabilize our relationship with Russia and cooperate where possible and when it is in the core U.S. national security interest to do so.

At the same time, the US is reacting to Russia's offensive actions abroad (i.e., illegal annexation of Crimea) and oppression against civil society inside Russia.

This article appeared amid international concerns about Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, which led to fears of an eventual invasion. By accusing the US of “provocation”, this story seems to be an attempt to divert attention away from Russia’s responsibility in increasing tensions on the border, as part of a wider disinformation campaign.

In the beginning of 2022, on 4-6 January, the EU High Representative Josep Borrell visited Ukraine, including Kyiv and the Stanytsya Luhanska check point - see his statement / blog here on the consequences of the war. The High Representative said, inter alia:

“I could eyewitness the consequences of the war in the Donbass region and hear and see how the conflict has dramatically affected the lives of thousands of people, with many destinies destroyed. ...

Russia is a party to this conflict, and not a mediator as it often claims. Our main interest, concern and purpose is to get Russia to de-escalate tensions.”

See more cases of disinformation accusing the US of offensive strategy against Russia: The US forbids Georgia to engage in direct dialogue with Russia; the US keeps reminding Europe about “Russian threat” through Skripal and Litvinenko cases; The US participates in military exercises on the Russian border while Russia doesn’t do that to the US.


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