Disinfo: US occupied a part of Cuba


Part of Cuba  – the Guantanamo Bay – is occupied by the US in breach of international law.



The United States is leasing a part of Cuban territory based on the agreements signed in 1903 and 1934. The treaties acknowledge Cuba's sovereignty over the territory, while granting US jurisdiction over the property.

The disinformation message appeared as a classic case of "whataboutism", as the participants of the discussion were talking about the sanctions imposed on Russia over the violation of international borders.



  • Reported in: Issue 131
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20/12/2018
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Cuba, US
  • Keywords: Sovereignty
  • Outlet: 60 minut @ Rossiya 1 (45:10 - 45:30)
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The West has a pro-LGBT motive in backing Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The US government officials who support the creation of independent Orthodox church in Ukraine, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, also advocate support for the LGBT rights. It is no coincidence that the ‘Kiev pride’ parade was financially supported inter alia by the American and German embassies and Canadian government. With malign political and moral agenda, Ukraine can only expect its situation to deteriorate.


An absurd link made between supporting Ukrainian Orthodox Church and LGBT advocacy.

Pro-Kremlin outlet's aim in this case is to appeal to the Orthodox audiences by portraying the West as unreliable and morally decadent - there have been numerous cases of analogous disinformation narratives.

Japan is not fully sovereign

Japan is not fully sovereign because it is keeping the US troops on its territory.



Japan is a fully sovereign state recognised by the international community.