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US plot to overrun Iran

Summary of Disinformation

A joint analysis of Brookings Institute and the Saban Center for Middle East Policy entitled “Which Path to Persia” selects the military option as the only viable course of action against Iran. The Trump-administration obviously follows this advice.


Hungarian translation of an article by Russia-Insider. The organisations' analysis - which is available online and dates back to year 2009 - in fact says: "if one of the diplomatic or regime change options cannot be made to work soon, then Washington will have no choice but to adopt either Containment or one of the military options." It does not state that military intervention is the only feasible option. In fact, it lists pros and cons to all the possible approaches to Washington's Iran policy.


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Reported in: Issue 94
Date: 11.01.2018
Language: Hungarian
Country: Iran
Keywords: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Világlátó
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