Disinfo: US sanctions only invigourated Russia's economy


US sanctions against Russia can be described by the saying "all the steam went into the whistle"... The "economic" sanctions that were implemented only led to the development of some sectors of the economy that had been stagnating.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Western sanctions against Russia are ineffective.

This kind of claim, which is not backed by evidence, has been clearly challenged by research that points out that sanctions have worked as planned, noting the drag they have imposed on Russia’s general economic development since 2014. This adverse effect most likely operates by depressing both foreign trade and foreign capital flows into Russia. Or as The Washington Post said: "The sanctions have stunted Russian economic growth and sapped the urban middle class of wealth and opportunity."

According to a Bloomberg report, sanctions have knocked off 6% of Russia’s GDP since 2014. The sanctions played a major role, although other factors were present as well. And the GDP of the Russian Federation is now 10 per cent smaller than might have been expected before the crisis with Crimea. Sanctions also play an important role in the relatively small wage increase in Russia in comparison to other countries in 2019.

Russia’s own counter-sanctions have also had a clear negative effect on the welfare of the average Russian household. The false narrative about sanctions is often backed by false statistics.

It’s noteworthy that the role of sanctions was never to destroy the capabilities of Russian companies, but the purpose of sanctions is precise to “deter or compel it to act in accordance with the interests of the sanctioning state… and they represent a particularly useful application of this foreign policy tool”, in order to “make it more difficult for him (Putin) to deal with the consequences of his actions as more ordinary Russians suffer”.

It’s also worth noting that Western sanctions on Russia are a response to specific unacceptable foreign policy actions by the Kremlin which undermine international stability and security, such as the illegitimate annexation of Crimea and the destabilisation of Eastern Ukraine, the shooting down of flight MH17, the poisoning with chemical weapons of Sergey Skrypal and his daughter in the UK, as well as Russia's interference in US elections, the SolarWinds attack and other malicious cyber activities and transnational corruption, in addition to the attempted murder of political opponent Alexei Navalny and the violation of his rights by his arbitrary arrest, trial and sentencing,

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  • Reported in: Issue 249
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 16/06/2021
  • Article language(s) Arabic
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia, US
  • Keywords: economy, Sanctions
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Disinfo: The West ignores Russian interests, slaps unfair sanctions

The West ignores Russia’s strategic interests. It wants to contain Russia. Sanctions are a tool of unfair competition. The West supports young, active and ambitious politicians in Russia so that the opposition come to power and destroy the military and industrial potential Vladimir Putin has amassed. The West interferes in Russia's internal affairs by financing a great number of non-profit organisations.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the West and sanctions against Russia.

The EU introduced a series of restrictive measures against Russia starting in 2014 as a response to the illegal annexation of Crimea and actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Sanctions were also imposed on Russian individuals over serious human rights violations, and the use of chemical weapons in the assassination attempt of Alexei Navalny.

Disinfo: The globalist-minded American elite uses Ukraine to put pressure on Russia

The globalist-minded American elite will use the Ukrainian factor until the very end in order to put pressure on and contain Russia. That is, they will try to blackmail and tease Russia with Ukraine's entry into NATO and the change in the geopolitical affiliation of historical Russian territories.

Understanding the impossibility of real Atlantisation of Ukraine does not deprive Washington of excitement, but only makes the American game riskier. The fact that at some point this may lead to the elimination of Ukrainian statehood as such does not worry the Americans too much.


This is a long-standing disinformation narrative that portrays Ukraine as a state under the control of the US and thus the entire West. The claim also contains messages about the US presence in Europe and Ukraine's potential NATO membership, challenging Ukraine's sovereignty.

Ukraine is a sovereign state, free to decide which international organisations and military alliances to join. Its relationship with NATO dates back to 1991. Ukraine is one of the strategic partners of NATO.

Disinfo: EU is unwilling to recognize vaccinations with Sputnik V

The game around Ukraine distracts from the EU decision to pull a new iron curtain by refusing to recognize vaccinations with Sputnik V. Do you think that Europe could survive without Russian tourists?


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the EU and Sputnik V vaccine.

Sputnik V as any other vaccine has to undergo review process and receive a marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).