Disinfo: US uses fascist instruments to control satellite countries


The United States has established a system of world domination, and the United States uses fascist and Nazi instruments to control its satellite countries. To this end, ethnic conflicts are specifically fomented and they [the US] are trying to bring these countries to war. For example, it set up Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia in 2008, killing hundreds of Ossetians there and committing genocide.


Conspiracy theory. It is one of many pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives alleging that the US is behind the so-called colour revolutions around the world. It is also consistent with a narrative denying any role for Russia in the Russo-Georgian 2008 war, and presenting it instead as a conflict between South Ossetia and Georgia. See related disinformation claims alleging that the US was behind the public protests in Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, France, Georgia, Venezuela, and Russia.

The European Union reiterates its firm support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders.

Unfortunately, Russian military presence in both Abkhazia and South Ossetia continues in violation of international law and commitments undertaken by Russia under the 12 August 2008 agreement, mediated by the European Union.

Previously pro-Kremlin disinformation claimed that Obama and Soros were jointly provoking colour revolutions, that Belarus to become a colony of the West, that gender theories and identity policies are used by the US to bring down disobeying governments and that Ukraine is enslaved to Europe after Maidan.


  • Reported in: Issue189
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 16/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: US, Georgia
  • Keywords: South Ossetia, Colour revolutions
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The official numbers of COVID-19 cases in Ukraine is totally fictional

COVID19 has hit the Ukraine very, very hard.  The problem is that the authorities, which fully knew that they had no means to do anything meaningful began by thumping their chests and saying that there were no cases in the Ukraine only to then suddenly decree drastic quarantine measures.  And yet, the true information is seeping out: Ukrainians hospitals are full of cases, mostly un-diagnosed, and many have already died.  Officially, and as of right now, there are only 14 confirmed cases in the Ukraine, and only two fatalities.  But absolutely everybody knows that these numbers are totally fictional and that the real number of cases remains unknown due to a lack of testing kits, not a lack of cases.  MDs in Ukrainian hospitals are sounding the alarms, but nobody is listening.


An unfounded claim exacerbating the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak in Ukraine. Ukrainian media are reporting extensively about the outbreak and its spread in Ukraine. The outbreak is a serious challenge to any society, and Ukraine is addressing the outbreak with all available resources.

WHO statistics on the outbreak can be found here.

Ukraine is in free fall

In social and economic terms, the Ukraine is in free fall.  Following years of chaos and corruption the Ukraine is now a deindustrialized country which can sell only three things: men (for menial jobs in Poland and in the EU), women (prostitution) and its “black soil” (chernozem).


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine as a failed state. Consistent with pro-Kremlin narratives alleging that Ukraine is a degrading state that has failed to become Europe, while the EU is planning to rob Ukraine's soil.

Ukraine has a functioning government and economy, it is a member of many international organisations, such as the United Nations and the Council of Europe, and a party to international agreements. Ukraine has bilateral diplomatic relations with the majority of states.

Covid-19 will serve for hacking the global system

In 2012 Christine Lagarde published a report exposing the severe danger that old people posed for the global economy, calling to take measures to confront it. Eight years later, casually, there is an epidemic outbreak that kills much more old people than young ones. The coronavirus is trying to hide the noise that will make the thunderous economic crack that is coming. US internal defence protocol Garden Plot outlined plans to confront domestic unrest caused by social inequality or massive phenomenons, as we can consider a pandemic. Now, the New York governor can deploy the National Guard without being accused of restricting liberties and democracy. Television failed in its mission of distracting people, so now the bet must be higher.


Conspiracy theory, with no evidence presented to support any of the multiple claims. This is part of Russia’s disinformation campaign on coronavirus, well documented by both media and governments. Elements of this campaign were widely reported by Russian and international publications.

EUvsDisinfo database has more than 110 Kremlin-linked disinformation cases on this subject, such as claims that Bill Gates and George Soros are sponsoring the Wuhan coronavirus, that it is a UKUS or NATO creation and Americans have its cure, that it is an artificial disease which specifically targets Chinese DNA, that it was created with economic goals while big pharma companies are spreading panic for their own profits, that it is a biological weapon against Russia and China, that it will wipe out Ukraine’s population in a few days or that it was predicted by Nostradamus and others.