Disinfo: USA doesn't allow OSCE to observe its elections


Americans form a significant part of the OSCE team. They love to observe other countries but do not allow this mission to observe their own country.

The OSCE is a wonderful organisation, neither present in America nor in Belarus, but what different conclusions!


Disinformation about the 2020 US Presidential Election.

The OSCE international election observation mission for the general elections in the United States totalled 102 observers from 39 countries, made up of 50 ODIHR-deployed experts and observers, and 52 parliamentarians and staff from the OSCE PA.

In fact, the OSCE has sent observers for every US presidential election since 2002. Some 100 observers from the OSCE’s parliamentary assembly and office of democratic institutions and human rights (ODIHR) were deployed around the US to watch the 2020 election. As can be seen in the same link above, eighteen of the US states routinely denied access to OSCE observers, because the presence of international observers is against their local laws. This means that OSCE teams monitored the electoral process in at least 33 states this year.

Finally, the OSCE observation mission concluded that the 3 November general elections were competitive and well managed despite the many challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Belarus, the lack of timely invitation from the state authorities precluded ODIHR from observing the elections. Six or seven weeks of preparations are needed to prepare an independent and reliable observance mission.

Read other disinfo cases about US Presidential Elections in our database claiming that "About two million of dead people voted for Biden", "2020 US Presidential election was the dirtiest in history".


  • Reported in: Issue 220
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/11/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US, Belarus
  • Keywords: US Presidential Election 2020, OSCE, Elections
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Disinfo: The West demands Ukraine stops coal mining

The Government of the United Kingdom demanded that Ukraine completely stops mining coal and using it to generate electricity. The Acting Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Olha Buslavets spoke about this.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukrainian statehood.

The Acting Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Olha Buslavets has commented on an offer to join to Powering Past Coal Alliance:

Disinfo: The water problem in Crimea is Ukraine's fault

The problem of providing water to the people and irrigating lands in Crimea appeared in 2014 when Ukraine unilaterally cut off the water coming through the North Crimean Canal from the Ukrainian province of Kherson to the peninsula.


A recurring disinformation narrative to hide the truth about Ukraine, the Crimea, and the North Crimean Canal.

The main condition for the renewal of the agreements on the water supply to the Crimea is the presence of legitimate authorities on the peninsula, which are absent after the annexation in the Crimea.

Disinfo: The 2020 US presidential election was marked by fraud and media bias

There’s quite an amusing tweet from eight years ago, in which Donald Trump warns about electoral fraud: “‘It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it matters who is counting the votes.’ Be careful of voter fraud!” This is what Trump wrote a month before the 2012 presidential election.

And what is happening now is certainly astounding. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani stated there had been machinations during the vote count. Even the OSCE notes the bias in the American TV channels’ coverage of the US election.


The story is part of an emerging pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative seeking to delegitimise the conduct and results of the 2020 US presidential election.

The OSCE report referred to in the segment noted that President Trump had issued warnings of large-scale falsification "without presenting any substantial evidence of systematic malfeasance and contradicting election officials at all levels" (p. 3), and that "[i]n contrast to these allegations, national security agencies issued statements attempting to reassure citizens about the integrity of the election process" (p. 11).