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USAID will try to decentralize Moldova and after that Moldova will be annexed by Romania

Summary of Disinformation

Beyond the economic support provided by USAID, the political forces behind the agency aim to organize a coup in Moldova in favour of the pro-Western parties. We will see a gradual removal of the pro-Eastern political leaders or, at least, a diminution of their influence. USAID is primarily aimed at destroying diplomatic relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation in order to strengthen the US position in Moldova and South-Eastern Europe.

USAID will try to decentralize Moldova and after that Moldova will be annexed by Romania.


Conspiracy theory, no evidence provided for this recurring disinformation.

USAID provides assistance to strengthen Moldova’s democratic governance and economic growth, not colour revolutions and coups. It helps Moldova implement lasting democratic and economic reforms that will improve living standards for all Moldovans.

There is no evidence that Romania would be keen to annex Moldova.

Further debunk: api.md/news/view/ro-amenintarea-americana-in-republica-moldova-preocuparea-propagandei-rusesti-1695,

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Reported in: Issue 85
Date: 02.10.2017
Language: Russian
Country: Romania, Moldova, Russia, US
Keywords: USAID, Anti-Russian, US presence in Europe, Colour revolutions, Coup
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: TV Zvezda
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