Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius was a formal impulse for the сoup d’état in Ukraine


The third Eastern Partnership summit that took place in Vilnius in November 2013 was a formal impulse for the сoup d’état in Ukraine. Thus, the Eastern Partnership played a destructive role in European politics as it accelerated the process of disintegration of the post-Soviet region.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that the Euromaidan protests were inspired and staged by the West because President Yanukovych had refused to sign the Association Agreement with the EU. This narrative assumes that the West initiated the geopolitical fight over control of Ukraine as the legitimate authorities of this country had refused to accept their political subordination to the West. See examples of this narrative here, here and here.

There was no coup d’état in Kyiv in 2014, this is a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the Euromaidan. The spontaneous onset of the Euromaidan protests was a reaction of numerous parts of the Ukrainian population to former President Yanukovych’s sudden departure from the promised Association Agreement with the European Union in November 2013.  See the full debunk here.


  • Reported in: Issue 153
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 14/05/2019
  • Language/target audience: Polish
  • Country: Ukraine, EU
  • Keywords: Eastern Partnership, Euromaidan, Conspiracy, The West
  • Outlet: Sputnik Polska
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Polish policy towards Ukraine is shaped by the Americans

The new Ukrainian President will not be as submissive towards the United States as President Poroshenko, so the US-Ukraine relations may deteriorate. This situation will cause the automatic worsening of the Polish-Ukrainian relations once Polish authorities realise the American policy towards Ukraine. Thus, relations between Poland and Ukraine will deteriorate not because of historical issues, but because of the complete dependency of Polish foreign policy on the United States.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that the United States is using EU countries to achieve its geopolitical goals and that the EU elites are controlled by America – see examples here and here.

The statement that the United States controls the European and Polish elites is a conspiracy theory. Poland is a sovereign state, which shapes its own foreign and domestic policies - moreover, being a member of NATO and the EU, Poland is able to impact the formation of common foreign policies of these unions. See other examples of disinformation about Polish-American relations here.

Perverted Europeans will organise sodomy in Minsk during the European Games 

The European Games will shortly be held in Belarus. For this reason, a representative from the Ministry of Interior came to a parent-teacher conference in Minsk and advised parents to take special care of their teenagers during the event. Although he did not say it out loud, the meaning was the following: Perverted Europeans will arrive from Europe where LGBT, marijuana, and prostitution are legalised and paedophilia is thriving, so better keep your children away from the sodomy that the foreigners will organise in Minsk. Belarusians are keeping their kids away from the high numbers of perverted European tourists as if they had the plague.


This message is outright speculation and conspiracy consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the moral decay of Europe, the propaganda of the morally corrupt West, and its aggressive actions towards Belarus and Belarusian society.

The 2nd European Games 2019 will be held in Minsk, Belarus from 21 June to 30 June 2019. The number of foreign tourists is estimated to be at least twice as less compared to the Ice Hockey World Championship hosted by Minsk in 2014 (30,000 vs 70,000 tourists). Then, no extraordinary crimes or aggravations of criminal situations were reported by the Ministry of Interior as being committed by foreign tourists.

American supervisors have not authorised President Zelenskyy’s commitment to cease fire in Donbas

American supervisors and Western partners have not authorised President Zelenskyy’s commitment to cease fire in Donbas. Continuation of war in the region is in the interest of sponsors of Zelenskyy. The promise of Zelenskyy to stop the war at any cost was just a populist pre-election trick.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the Ukrainian authorities appear under full control of Western powers, who are interested in the continuation of the war in Donbas – see similar cases here, here and here.

President Zelenskyy declared committent to implement the ceasefire in Donbas. Despite the repeated attempts of Ukraine to stop the shooting, the Russia-controlled separatist troops continue breaking the ceasefire.