Disinfo: Voices of the dead used in US elections


Trump has changed the historic political course of the United States, and even those who came to power using the voices of the dead people will now have to base their domestic and foreign policies on the reference point created by this eccentric New York billionaire.


Pro-Kremlin media are spreading disinformation about the 2020 US elections. Read more here.

Similar claims have been circulating on social media in the US and have been extensively debunked both by fact-checkers and media organizations. (See also here and here).

According to FactCheck.org, in some cases it is conceivable that a relatively small number of people die in the period between when they sent in a mail-in ballot and Election Day. More commonly, claims about large numbers of votes from deceased people turn out to be due to list-matching or clerical problems, such as confusing two people with identical or similar names.

However there is no basis to claim that huge numbers of deceased "voted" in the election.

See more disinformation about 2020 election in US: The possibility of mail-in voting fraud in the US is enormous because the postal service union supports Biden and five facts prove that the US election is rigged.

The same article contains another disinformation message about Hilary Clinton publishing a strategy which can be considered as a "deep state" programme to restore US hegemony in the world.


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Western vaccines are developed for financial speculation whereas Russian vaccines are to save lives

There are two type of Vaccines, the Western ones and the ones of the BRICS, like the Russian ones.

On the one hand, Western vaccines are based on new and unproven technologies. Their communication is orchestrated to favour speculation on the stock exchange. There is a bidding war for vaccines with efficiency of 90%, 92%, 94.8%… But the full results of the tests are not published and if some people die from the vaccine, or for another reason, the tests will have to be stopped or speed down. All of this is opaque and unclear. They progress to make the most profit from speculation.

On the other hand, Russian vaccines, like Sputnik V are base on proven technologies. Russians are totally open concerning the development of the vaccine. Everything is published, there is no shadow zone at all. They progress in a logical way in the interest of the population.

The problem is people don’t trust everything that comes from Russia. Even though we are explained that Russian science can create the best pathogen viruses and neurotoxic agent in the world. Development of a vaccine is exactly the same scientific procedure. So if they have advanced chemical weapons, it is the same with vaccines.


Disinformation message that tries to cast doubt about the vaccines developed by Western companies.

The fact that Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla sold $5.6m of stock he owned in the company is part of a pre-arranged 10b5-1 plan. Such plans allow executives and other corporate insiders to sell a number of shares within a pre-determined timeframe and price range, so as to avoid allegations of using non-public company information for personal gain.

No proof of human rights abuses in Crimea

According to a leading Russian politician, accusations of human rights violations on the Crimean Peninsula are an invention. Therefore, UN officials are welcome to visit Crimea and see the truth for themselves.

After the UN adopted a resolution condemning alleged discrimination in Crimea, which was reabsorbed by Russia in 2014, Leonid Slutsky, the chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Committee on International Affairs, said the body was “biased.”

Russia has repeatedly invited journalists and observers to visit the peninsula in the past. However, Kiev has sought to make any journeys difficult, threatening to blacklist and bar anyone who crosses into Crimea without having first been through Ukraine on a valid visa.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the illegal annexation of Crimea.

Crimea was not “reabsorbed” by Russia. It has been annexed by Russia, and its ongoing illegal occupation has yet to be accepted by any international body.

Biden risks 3 years for usurpation of power

The US State Department reminded world leaders that the counting of votes in the presidential elections is not over yet and it is too early to congratulate Biden on his victory. But despite this, the American press already considers the Democrat the new head of state, and Biden himself assures that the transfer of power cannot be stopped. He has already got used to the role, he addresses the nation every day and negotiates with the leaders of other countries on behalf of the United States, although for this violation of the law, in fact, three years in prison is imposed.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the 2020 US election.

The incoming president is called "president elect" until the inauguration in January 2021. He assembles a group called a transition team who prepare to assume power after inauguration - and the Biden team has already set up a transition website. Nothing beyond this legal framework has been done by Joe Biden to risk "3 years in prison".