Disinfo: Washington started the conflict in Ukraine to spoil Russia and Germany relations


One of the reasons for the conflict in Ukraine was Washington’s fear of a rapprochement between Russia and Germany, which would have caused a significant increase in the role of these countries. According to this idea, Germany would have been strengthened by cheap Russian energy and Russia - by advanced German technology. The White House perceived this alliance as a serious threat to American interests both in Europe and worldwide.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation claim about the war in Ukraine and the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine unleashed on 24 February, 2022. This disinformation narrative aims to deflect Russia’s responsibility for its unprovoked military aggression against a peaceful neighbouring country.

In 2021, Russia started a large-scale military build-up near the border with eastern Ukraine, generating great concern in Ukraine, Europe and across the world.

On 21 February 2022, after weeks of extreme tensions, Vladimir Putin decided to recognise the non-government controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (administrative regions) in Ukraine as independent entities and to send Russian troops into these areas. This followed a positive vote by the Russian State Duma (the lower house of the Russian parliament) on 15 February 2022.

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The claim that the West allegedly provoked the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the key messages of Putin’s disinformation. See the Seven Russian Myths about the conflict. It was Putin’s personal decision to invade Ukraine and start the largest military conflict in Europe since WWII. The US and EU did not aim to escalate relations with Russia and were not preparing for military conflict. Western nations have always called to solve problems with Russia in a peaceful and diplomatic manner. Moscow’s overall aggressive policy has led to a tougher and better-balanced policy towards it by the West.

The EU condemned in the strongest possible terms Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine and imposed the toughest restrictive measures on Russia. Read more about the EU response and support for Ukraine.

For further information, see also the Guide to Deciphering Pro-Kremlin disinformation around Putin’s War and The Chilling Background to the Kremlin’s "No War" trope.


  • Reported in: Issue 325
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 04/01/2023
  • Article language(s) Polish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US, Russia, Germany
  • Keywords: War in Ukraine, US presence in Europe, Anti-Russian, Conspiracy theory
This disinformation claim was broadcast on the date mentioned above. Due to the EU decisions  to temporarily restrict the spread and dissemination of RT, Sputnik and other instruments used to manipulate information and promote disinformation about the invasion of Ukraine inside the EU, access to the link may not work inside the EU.
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Disinfo: Russia’s special military operation builds a more harmonised multipolar World

The special military operation opened the way to a multi-polar World. Russia offered an alternative to the existing World-order. The special military operation is for justice, for truth. It builds a more harmonized World.


This is a disinformation narrative from pro-Kremlin media trying to justify Russia’s operation against Ukraine since 24 February 2022.

In reality, it is not a "special military operation" but an all-out Russian war against a sovereign state. The claim that the West allegedly provoked the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the key messages of Putin’s propaganda. See the Seven Russian Myths about the conflict. It was Putin’s personal decision to invade Ukraine and start the largest military conflict in Europe since WWII.

Disinfo: Brussels’ policies only harm EU citizens

The EU is waging a hybrid war against Moscow, and Brussels' policies are only harming the interests of EU citizens, while relations with Russia have reached rock bottom.


Pro-Kremlin narrative on the energy crisis in Europe amid the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, subsequent Western sanctions on Russia and Russian retaliatory measures reducing gas supplies. This narrative plays to the Kremlin's claims that the West is collapsing.

The European Union adopted in December 2022 the ninth package of economic and individual sanctions on Russia due to its illegal aggression and occupation of Ukrainian territories.

Disinfo: NATO’s proxy war against Russia is destroying Ukraine

The US and other NATO countries are implementing a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Through this war, the US is destroying Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities also are destroying their own country due to their collaboration with NATO.


Recurring disinformation about the war in Ukraine.

Russia is the only country responsible for the invasion of Ukraine. It has been coming up with different explanations and pretexts for its aggression. Moreover, Russia was not forced to invade Ukraine. It was Putin’s personal decision to invade Ukraine and start the largest military conflict in Europe since WWII.