Disinfo: We did not make war, nor did we occupy anyone;…


We did not make war, nor did we occupy anyone; there was no shooting, no one got killed during the events in Crimea. Not a single person! We used the Armed Forces only to stop more than 20,000 Ukrainian service members stationed there from interfering with the free expression of will by the residents of Crimea. People came to the referendum and cast their vote. They chose to be part of Russia – Vladimir Putin for Bild.


As for the annexation of Crimea:
1) On 04.16.2015, Putin acknowledged publicly that the referendum on joining the Crimea to Russia was held with the participation of the Russian troops: bbc.in/1lkT0vZ,
2) In March 2015, in an interview for the film "Crimea. The path to the Motherland" (bit.ly/1SWxgUP), said that he considered the possibility of using nuclear weapons at the annexation of the Crimea in case of a possible confrontation with the West. //
As for the victims of the annexation:
1) On March, 15, 2014 near the village Zemlianichnoe in the Crimea a corps of a Crimean Tatar man, who died because of tortures, was found. Previously, that man organised a peaceful picket on the central square of Simferopol (capital of the Crimea) against the occupation. On March, 18, in Simferopol during the storming of Ukrainian military facility Russian troops killed Ukrainian sergeant Sergey Kokurin.
2) On April, 6, 2014, in the village of Novofedorovka a Ukrainian major Stanislav Karachevsky was shot down to death by Russian sergeant Zaytsev, a soldier of a special marriane battalion/
3) During the period of annexation there are several pro-Ukrainian activists missing, whose fate still remains unknown. Source: bit.ly/1Rub8Sr,


  • Reported in: Issue 11
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 11/01/2016
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Vladimir Putin, Crimea
  • Outlet: kremlin.ru


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The dramatic events in Cologne are in the same row…

The dramatic events in Cologne are in the same row with the historic tragedies of “Night of the Long Knives” in 1934 and “Kristallnacht” in 1938.


During the "Night of the long knives" there were over a thousand people killed. During the "Kristallnacht", which marked the beginning of the Holocaust, there were 2500 people killed, according to some estimates. Both events were organized by Hitler. In Cologne, nobody was killed, the authorities are investigating. The Town Police Chief is dismissed. An army of investigators are interviewing the witnesses and victims of crimes find and arrest the criminals.

During the year 2015 the Syrian Arab Army fought against…

During the year 2015 the Syrian Arab Army fought against thousands of terrorists supported by USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. The SAA was not very successful until Russia intervened and the terrorists started to retreat. With Russia’s help the terrorists in Syria will be defeated this year.


No evidence indicating cooperation between USA, Jordan and Israel with terrorists. No evidence proving a direct link of the governments of Turkey and Saudi Arabia with the terrorists.