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West brings sodomy to Belarus through Polish Catholic priests

Summary of Disinformation

Sodomy takes one Western country after another. West wants to bring sodomy to Belarus through Polish Catholic priests as local priests do not want to promote alien interests. Polish Catholic priests will be leading future gay prides in Belarus.

In Poland, Catholic Church priests are taught from their birth that Belarus is the Eastern part of the Second Polish Republic and should belong to Poland. If homosexuality wins in Belarus, then the country will have to file an application to the Council of Europe to have migrants from Africa. Without such applications, Belarus will not receive any migrants from Arab or African countries, as they are in great need in homosexual EU.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narratives about Europe's moral decay and migration crisis with no supporting evidence given.

The disinformation message also contains an anti-Poland and anti-Catholic church messages. For previous examples see here and here.

The Council of Europe is not responsible for relocation or resettlement of migrants across Europe.

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Reported in: Issue 135
Date: 31.01.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Belarus, Poland
Keywords: Rail-roads, migration, Catholic church, European values
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Teleskop
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