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Western elites behind ongoing genocide of Christians

Summary of Disinformation

A thousand French churches were vandalised in 2018, amid total media silence. European elites are not just indifferent to the ongoing genocide of Christians, but outright complicit in it. Western politicians want to get rid of Christians to implement a new world order, and are using Muslims to do their dirty job.


Recurring pro-Kremlin conspiracy narrative portraying Christians, who account for three quarters of Europe's total population, as an oppressed minority.

A February 2019 Interior Ministry communique records 1,063 "anti-Christian acts" committed throughout 2018, without further differentiation between the type, gravity, or target of these acts. The figures have been reported in all of France's widest-read newspapers.

On the other hand, a detailed report for 2017 records 878 acts of vandalism perpetrated against all types of "Christian sites," which aside from churches include cemeteries, chapels, calvaries, statues, and tombs (p. 14-15). Commenting on the data, even French bishops described the incidents as "less pressing" than those targeting religious minorities, adding that the Christian clergy in France" do not want it thought that they feel persecuted."

The remainder of the segment is dedicated to advancing pro-Kremlin conspiracy theories and long-debunked disinformation narratives concerning the "New World Order," the global elites, and the creeping Islamisation of Europe.


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Reported in: Issue 151
Date: 10.05.2019
Language: English
Country: Europe, France
Keywords: New World Order, Islamisation, European values, Secret elites / global elites, Genocide, Christianity, Europe
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: RT
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