Disinfo: Western elites implementing their plan X through pandemic


What is happening with the so-called pandemic in the world is the implementation of a certain plan of the Western elites. Or rather, transnational ruling classes. If the new coronavirus really was sudden for them, then COVID-19 appeared very much on time. In this case, it became the pretext for the implementation of a carefully thought-out plan X. In any case, we are dealing with the concealment of some kind of truth. One of two things: either this is a conspiracy of political leaders who, for some reason, are under the global “quarantine dictatorship”. Or the leaders received some secret information with no permission to disclose in order to avoid possible mass panic.


This is a recurring conspiracy theory about the coronavirus pandemic, biological weapons, and one of the common pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about a Deep State or Shadow Government of all-powerful groups ruling the world and controlling leaders.This is part of the ongoing pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign on the coronavirus, well documented by both media and governments. Elements of this campaign were widely reported by Russian and international publications, and by the European External Action Service.

There is no evidence to support the claim that the coronavirus has been artificially created or developed as a biological weapon. The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) comes from a family of viruses that include other viruses such as SARS and MERS. It was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in central China and has been rapidly spreading, with new cases being reported in more than 200 countries around the world.

Read other similar cases claiming that Pentagon-funded biological laboratories are involved in the creation of the coronavirus, that the coronavirus is a bioweapon brought to Italy by the “Deep State”, that COVID-19 is a bioweapon created by Soros, Bill Gates and the "Deep state", that COVID-19 is a fake and a political move to install hegemony, and that COVID-19 vaccines will lead to Full Spectrum Dominance by the Deep Dark State.


  • Reported in: Issue 198
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 17/05/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: EU, US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, West, Deep state, Secret elites / global elites, Conspiracy theory


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The invasion of Venezuela was planned by Guaidó and the White House

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó and Jordan Goudreau, a former member of the US Special Forces, planned the invasion of Venezuela in the White House. The meeting happened in February and it was attended by Donald Trump who issued the orders to plan the attack himself. Both Donald Trump and Juan Guaidó try to deny the allegations.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the use of foreign mercenaries by the United States secret services to stage or incite coups in countries with hostile regimes.

The claims that the White House or Donald Trump was involved remain unfounded. Venezuelan state TV recently aired an interrogation of Luke Denman, one of the US citizens involved in the operation, where the former sergeant alleges that he was acting under the command of Donald Trump. However, the authenticity of the confession has been called into question as observers warn that the video was heavily edited, and it was likely filmed while Denman was speaking under duress. Another link between Donald Trump and Jordan Goudreau is Silvercorp’s own claim to have “led international security teams” for the president of the United States, but Goudreau had only provided private security at Trump political rallies. Despite these connections in the past, there is no evidence that the private contractors behind the operation were under Donald Trump’s command.

EU and NATO do nothing but blame Russia for propaganda

NATO’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg stated that Russia, China, and other sources are spreading disinformation to destabilise NATO and the current world order. He claimed that Moscow’s aid to Italy has become a propaganda campaign. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov debunked this statement by pointing out that there is not a single example of disinformation from the Kremlin. While Moscow is helping Italy in difficult times, the EU and NATO do nothing but blame Russia for a “propaganda” attack against the West


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the failure of the West to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and the dismissal of Russian disinformation as an expression of Western "Russophobia".

The spread of disinformation from Russian state media and other pro-Kremlin sources during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond is a well-documented phenomenon with plenty of examples as identified by independent fact-checking organiations, including the DFR Lab, Polygraph, and Stop Fake. EUvsDisinfo has also highlighted multiple such examples.

The whole world knows there are no Russian troops in Donbas

As for the regular troops of the Russian Federation, they are not in Donbas. This is recognised by absolutely everyone, including on an international level. Therefore, what Zelenskyy said [at a press conference about the participation of the Russian army in the conflict in Donbas] is the purest delusion and lie.


A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the war in Ukraine, claiming that Russia is not part of the conflict in Donbas, that Russia has nothing to do with the war in eastern Ukraine and that there is a “civil war” in Donbas.

There is ample irrefutable evidence of direct Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine. The EU condemns the clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity by acts of aggression by the Russian armed forces since February 2014.