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Western Europe is a subordinate to the Anglo-Saxon world, which is dominated by the US.

Summary of Disinformation

The world consists of a number of competing civilisations. Western Europe is a Germanic-Roman civilisation which is, at present, subordinate to the Anglo-Saxon one. The latter is dominated by the US. Germany is fed up with this situation and lately has been attempting, unsuccessfully, to break free from the Anglo-Saxon chains.


This message is a conspiracy consistent with one of the most common pro-Kremlin narratives alleging that certain countries are no longer truly sovereign.

Germany and the US have close partner relations as two sovereign and independent countries.

See also earlier disinformation cases alleging that Germany is a vassal of the US, Germany is the executor of US hegemony over Europe; The USA is controlling Europe through occupied Germany; Germany will have to choose between defending Europe's interest and catering to Washington.

Read also about the concept of big conspiracy used by the pro-Kremlin media.

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Reported in: Issue 150
Date: 14.05.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Europe, The West, US, Germany
Keywords: Anglo-Saxon, Conspiracy
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Belarus
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