Disinfo: The West does not call the New Zealand mosque attacks terrorism


In New Zealand, the terrorist attack was targeted at Muslims, specifically on religious grounds. There is a tradition in the West that if an immoral event is committed by a non-Muslim, it is merely a crime, but if the same incident is committed by a Muslim, then the whole world is upset and claims Muslims to be terrorists.


New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern,'met with members of the Muslim community affected by the attack' and stated, 'He [the killer] is a terrorist; he is a criminal; he is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless' as a method of not giving fame and respect to the attacker. Instead she focussed on the victims and their families, showing solidarity and empathy.

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs released a message that said 'people who share video of the mosque shooting online “are likely to be committing an offence”' and worked hard with 'social media platforms to remove the clips' in order to show respect to the victims and their families. The majority of major Western media companies followed this request and did not show the footage from the massacre. However, a Russian state TV channel broadcast the footage and compared the shooter to 'Ukrainian nationalists'.

On 15 March, the European Union published statements offering 'sincerest condolences to the loved ones of the victims and the community as a whole' as well as support for New Zealand 'including by strengthening cooperation on counter-terrorism.'

There are numerous articles from major Western media depicting the incident as a terrorist attack whilst people across the world are upset and express their condolences. The day after the attack, the BBC published an article entitled 'How young people are responding to the New Zealand terror attack' whilst the Wall Street Journal explicitly stated that the 'New Zealand mosque shootings called a Terrorist Attack'.

See video on how Russian state TV exploits the terror attack in New Zealand to spread disinformation.


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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 19/03/2019
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  • Country: New Zealand
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US general confirms Washington is obsessed with preventive nuclear strike policy

The United States is obsessed about the right to use nuclear weapons first. Washington must not abandon the preventive strike policy, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Joseph Dunford said in the Senate.


A recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative on Western Militarism. The implicit messagt that Washington is more trigger-happy than Moscow in this regard constitutes disinformation.

As mutually assured destruction remains the pillar of the nuclear deterrence strategy since the Cold War era, neither the United States in its latest Nuclear Posture Review nor Russia in its Military Doctrine have adopted the No First Use policy. The only nuclear powers to have pledged not to use nuclear weapons first are China and India.

UK destroys evidence related to the Salisbury incident and prepares to announce Skripal’s death

The Sunday Times writing about the allegedly deteriorating state of health of the ex-Colonel of the GRU Sergey Skripal is example of “controlled leakage”, evidence of a link between the intelligence services and the British media. The British are preparing the information background in order to announce the death of the Russian citizen and the destruction of evidence related to the Salisbury incident.


No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the poisoning of Sergey Skripal, his alleged death and UK’s attempts to destroy evidence.

Great Britain’s ambassador to Russia, Sir Laurie Bristow, told Interfax that Sergey and Yuliya Skripal are both alive.

Electoral fraud preparation is under way in Ukraine

Whoever will win the elections in Ukraine, the anti-Russian course to radicalisation will continue. In Ukraine, it doesn’t matter how much ballot-box stuffing will be conducted, the election result will be decided by a very small group of people. // Poroshenko might be preparing for escalating situation in Donbas or Kerch strait to cancel the election.


No evidence given, recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about the Ukraine elections 2019 as illegitimate.