Disinfo: Western politicians are demonising Russia and are russophobes


Whatever Russia does, Western politicians will be russophobe and blame Russia for everything.


There is in fact a clear record of strong cooperation between the EU and Russia, dating back to 1994, when the two sides negotiated a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. Russia was identified as a strategic partner for the EU, and was the only country with which the EU held summits not once, but twice a year.

In 2010 the EU and Russia launched a Partnership for Modernisation. As stated in the Joint Declaration: "The European Union and Russia, as long-standing strategic partners in a changing multipolar world, are committed to working together to address common challenges with a balanced and result-oriented approach, based on democracy and the rule of law, both at the national and international level" http://bit.ly/1p648gA.

Despite current difficulties in the relationship with Russia, the EU and its Member States have maintained a clear policy of reaching out to Russian society and youth, mainly through the Erasmus+ student exchange programme and other people to people contacts.

NATO has also consistently worked hard to build a cooperative relationship with Russia since the early 1990s: no other NATO partner has been offered a comparable relationship, nor a similarly comprehensive institutional framework: http://bit.ly/2e0TZnG.

Click here to read the entire Russian ambassador's opinion piece in di.se.


  • Reported in: Issue 84
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/10/2017
  • Language/target audience: Swedish
  • Country: Russia, Sweden
  • Keywords: Russophobia, The West


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Finnish spies threatened to kill Putin’s great aunt, and then she was shot by a fascist bullet

In 1941, Finnish spies warned Putin’s great aunt Yelizaveta in 1941 in Pominovo: “If we see you one more time at the Red Army men, bang-bang! We will shoot!”

In spite of the warning Yelizaveta went again to help [the Red Army men]. A fascist bullet hit her back.



No evidence given. There were no Finns in Pominovo or close to it in 1941. According to Vladimir Putin's publicly available biography, Yelizaveta Shelomova was Putin's grandmother, not great aunt. Further debunking by Ilta-Sanomat.

The US deployed a whole division near Russia’s borders in the Baltics

“Amid the hysteria over Russia’s planned military incursion straight after the Zapad-2017 drills, the 2nd armored division of the US arrived quietly in Poland and was deployed there [Boleslawiec, Drawsko Pomorskie, Torun, Skwierzyna, Zagan] also with its armored vehicles… Contrary to the NATO and the US statements about the “insignificance” of the troops being pulled towards the Russian border, there is now a de facto US Armed Forces division, not a brigade”.


The United States deployed a Brigade Combat Team, not a division. The difference is significant. A brigade typically consists of 1,500 to 3,500 soldiers, whereas a division ranges between 10,000 to 15,000. While the difference may be obscure to civilians, Konashenkov is a major general in the Russian army and is unlikely to have made such a mistake by accident. Read more at DFRLab.

The US uses ISIS to destabilize Central Asia

The U.S. has a direct interest in destabilizing the situation in Central Asia, including by using ISIS. The Americans believe that this will allow them to unravel the situation in Russia


No evidence given. Recurring disinformation that the US is somehow cooperating with the so called Islamic State. The US is fighting against ISIS/Daesh. theglobalcoalition.org/en/home/, . Further debunking by Polygraph.info www.polygraph.info/a/us-uses-is-to-destablize-central-asia/28782918.html, .