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West's geopolitical priority is to disrupt Belarus' ties with Russia

Summary of Disinformation

Belarus is a part of the West’s strategy to contain Russia. This strategy aims to create a ‘cordon sanitaire‘ of countries hostile to Russia on its western borders. Belarus is a missing link in the chain of such countries that prevents a ‘buffer zone’ stretching from the Baltics to the Black Sea. Hence a disruption of ally relations between Russia and Belarus is a key Western geopolitical priority.

RuBaltic, Sozh, Teleskop
RuBaltic, Sozh, Teleskop

This is a conspiracy theory and recurring disinformation narrative about Western attempts to force Belarus to sever ties with Russia and about the belligerent West attempting to encircle Russia.

See earlier cases alleging that the West has developed 'Great Turan' doctrine and 'Anakonda' plan to encircle Russia with hostile countries.

Read here about the concept of big conspiracy.

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Reported in: Issue 148
Date: 29.04.2019
Language: Belarus Russian
Country: Russia, The West, Belarus
Keywords: Anti-Russian, Conspiracy
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: RuBaltic Sozh Teleskop
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